AurAge Re-Inventing Ageless Beauty The Natural Way

AurAge "Let's Skin care"
Naturally Plus true to its continued stance for all things natural, created a skin care range so natural, and so simple, that it is meant for all skin types, close to human skin conditions where it should be.

The idea is if the skin care is close to what human skin condition should be, we only need simple formula that will help restore our natural skin condition, and maintain it to be healthy and glowing, regardless of our age.

2 Specially Derived Formula:


Made from 3 different berries that thrive in harsh natural conditions. Applying these natural extracts from these berries enabling the qualities of these extracts to care for our skin even in the harshest of environment.
Able to grow under harsh conditions where temperature can go below 40 degrees.Rich in ellagic acid.
Grown in cold climates and mountains. Especially high in anthocyanin among all berries.
A unique plant which can be found in the Arctic Circle. Rich in arbutin and vitamin C.

AC-11  (“Uncaria Tomentosa” (Cat’s Claw))

For over 2000 years, native inhabitants in the Amazon have been drinking tea made from Uncaria Tomentosa. “AC-11” can protect your skin, leaving it beautiful and moisturised.

Simple 4 Products Range:

Staying true to it's simplicity ideal, the beauty regime is only 4 steps, and can be less if you choose to. The all natural ingredients in the products allow these products to be used on all skin types.

Hence, there is no need to think of any combinations. Just apply ... nature's own onto your skin ...

STEP 1: Cleanser and Makeup remover - two-in-one.

  • cleanse all unnatural elements and makeup from the face, leaving it soft and clean.

AurAge Cleansing Plus 150ml


  • Lutein
  • Argan Oil
  • Squalene (Olive)
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Other...

STEP 2: Tone and Moisturize - two-in-one

  • gentle and effective enough to tone, and at the same time, moisturize

AurAge Rich Formula 60ml


  • BerryMask
  • AC-11
  • Punica granatum fruit extract (Source: Pomegranate)
  • Eriobotrya japonica leaf extract (Source: Loquat Leaves)
  • Aphanothece sacrum polysaccharide※ (Source: Suizenji-nori Seaweed)
  • Other...

STEP 3: Extra Moisturizer (only if you want to, or think you need it).

  • for when weather or environment is a little dry
  • for when you think you need a little bit more moisturizing, over night

AurAge Gracious Cream 30g


  • BerryMask
  • AC-11
  • Rosa damascena flower oil (Source: Bulgarian Damask Rose)
  • Avena sativa (common wild oat) kernel extract※ (Source: Oats)
  • Alteromonas ferment filtrate
  • Retinyl palmitate
  • Other...

STEP 4: Sunscreen Protection and Make-up - two-in-one. Daytime use Only.

  • Clear and smooth for all skin types
  • Clear and lustrous for all skin color
  • Effective protection against harsh environment
  • For day time use only
  • Other...

AurAge UV Makeup Base Cream 30g


  • BerryMask
  • AC-11
  • Thyme extract※ (Source: Thyme)
  • Lipidure®※ / Polyquaternium-51
  • Porphyra yezoensis extract  (Source: Seaweed)
  • Other...

Say "NO" to harmful ingredients

Naturally Plus made a conscious decision to not include ingredients harmful to our skin and body, and to the environment.

As a result we are rewarded with an all natural skin product that is both kind to our skin and body, and the environment. It's low irritant nature takes into consideration people who have very sensitive skin.

Products do not contain :

  • Mineral Oil
  • Paraben
  • Silicon
  • Artificial Coloring

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