Izumio, Antioxidant Sports Drink

Izumio, although its fans treat it mostly as a healthy antioxidant drink, due to its rich Hydrogen content, there are sportsperson who will atest to it as a sports drink.

It not just hydrates a tired sportsperson fast, but its Hydrogen content means that one can recover from fatigue fast!

Well, after all, it's not just Oxygen that we need to create cellular combustion and create cellular energy (ATP), we in fact need Hydrogen, too! That is how it can overcome fatigue faster than other sports drinks.

Each 200ml of Izumio contains as much as 2,600,000 ppt of Hydrogen! That's how Hydrogen RICH it is!

As Hydrogen is also the best antioxidant around, any muscular cells damage can be attended to by these millions of Hydrogen. Exercise undoubtedly creates a lot more free radicals, and these free radicals need to be eliminated from the body, to prevent health issues, both in the immediate situation and in the longer term.

Izumio, Sports Drink to Hydrate and Quench Fatique

Izumio is the first of its kind! A sports drink and an antioxidant - two-in-one for the Sportsperson in you!

Here are some sportsperson drinking Izumio...

  • Japanese Football (Soccer) Players

  • Japanese Swimmers, too, are into Izumio ... their Sports Recovery Drink of choice!

  • Swimmers' Sports Drink of choice!

  • Soccer players, too!

  • Any type of sportspersons!!! It all about quenching thirst and quenching fatique, and sports recovery after all!!!

  • Top Malaysian Badminton Player, Datuk Lee Chong Wei, drinking Izumio during a break in a competition.
  • Looks like he takes his Izumio on his competition travels!!!...and why not?! Best Sports Drink ever!

Well, sportspersons must know what's best for them!

If sports is your game, wanna give Izumio a try?

Quenches thirst, fatigue recovery, and repair injured cells - a sportsperson's dream drink! Dream no more...Try Izumio today!!!

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