My Testimonies about Naturally Plus' Products

In my short bio, I talked a little about my health history and how I came to know about Naturally Plus' products.

I have always believed in testing products myself before I recommend it to another person. I tested the products, Super Lutein and Izumio, and within 2 weeks had such good results that my family members and friends are consuming these products, too --- with some showed immediate results while others took a little longer ... end results, we saw good and/or encouraging results ...

Here, I provide a brief accounts of my journey of the healings I have experienced, through use and consumption of Naturally Plus' products - mainly Super Lutein and Izumio.

Due to industry's regulations, we are not allowed to outwardly claim the healing benefits of the products. As such, I can only present my "theories", in hope that you can see some probabilities or possibilities in what I believe to be how the products worked, and still working for me!

Here's my healing journey stories...

For Chronic Fatique Syndrome (CFS)/Fibromyalgia

My biggest complain with CFS was the inability to do more than I wanted to, or used to be able to, DO! Sufferers of CFS can relate to this no doubt! It was total frustration!

I could still managed to function as normal as I possibly could -- performing duties at work and outside of work. Years ago, when I was first diagnosed by a natural healer (back then the medical industry didn't recognize CFS!), I was warned to "slow down" as the condition can only get worse if I continue to push myself so hard.

Years later, when my pains started to develop --- maybe it had always been there but I didn't take much notice, or it was still bearable, as I have a high degree of pain tolerance.

Around 2005, I started to take notice of my conditions, as the pain I was experiencing could not be ignored any more. In 2008, my fatigue got worse, though I had not been working for about 3 years. In the same year, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia -- in simple terms, the difference to CFS, is that in addition to the chronic fatigue, there are joint pain. The joint pain that was so bad the pain would wake me up at night - every night.

From the time I was told I had CFS in late 90s to the time I found Naturally Plus' products, I self prescribed a lot of supplements, through my own research and readings. I managed most of the symptoms, except the joint pain - because I didn't know about fibromyalgia then. On being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, my wonderful GP who practices natural medicine, prescribed D-Ribose which helped tremendously with the control of my joint pain. Each time, I ran out of D-Ribose the pain would return almost immediately.

To fully test Naturally Plus' products, on Dec 24, I stopped all my supplements, except for the Adrenaline hormone and Maca. I went almost "cold turkey", and switched to Super Lutein and Izumio. I actually thought my joint pain would come back. I could deal with the issues I had, but joint pain was hard, as it interrupted my sleep, which I needed most due to my CFS condition.

On Dec 25, I immediately felt energetic, and over the next 2 weeks, I had so much energy that I have not had for more than 10 years ! I can't say I was 100% well. However, if I could measure it ... on a good day, I was about 80% and on a bad day about 60% better than I ever was in the last 10 years before. That to me, was a remarkable result for only a 2 weeks trial!!!

Prior to experiencing the wonderful healing of Super Lutein and Izumio, I had taken many natural supplements for more than 15 years, but never have I come across something that was so effective, and effective holistically!!!

My dose in the first 2 weeks : 3 capsules with one pack of Izumio once a day.

Why I think it worked
I immediately wanted to know why these products worked so effectively. By great "lucky" chance, I came across 2 books that could possibly help me explain why these products work. (I have read and researched a lot on natural products in the last 15 years or more, prior to discovering Super Lutein and Izumio!)

Prior to me being diagnosed for fibromyalgia, after running so many tests and had no concrete conclusion to my condition (let alone a name for my condition), my GP decided to request for a test at the "cell" level. The test revealed that my cells could not assimilate protein and Vitamin B for the production of energy.

I was one year short of being 50, but I did not (and still do not) have any age related illness (not even Type 2 diabetes which I should be genetically inclined due to family history, no high blood pressure, no high cholesterol issue). This, I give credit to all the supplements I had been taking in the last 15 years prior. I was (and still am!) therefore, generally healthy, even though I don't exercise. My main complain is fatigue. If I exercise, I would be chronically tired!!! I couldn't exercise!

In just a short 2 weeks, these product has helped me healed so well.

The 2 books I chanced upon talked about cellular health --- and the importance of cellular health for our well being. Now the "cell" test showed I was not making energy effectively nor productively --thus, this could explain why I was so tired all the time.

One of the books mentioned that, in each cell, there is  :

  • a nucleus
  • an energy production  "center"  - constantly producing waste products (Free Radicals) as energy is being produced. Even at the low level of energy the cells were producing, I was still generating all these waste by products.
  • a waste disposal "center" - and if the waste disposal system is not able to cope with the disposable of the waste from the energy production (however little I was producing at that time) as well as waste from moving food/nutrients around the body, the waste will just remain within the cells --- and eventually blocking the cells from receiving all the required nutrients to reach this energy production center.

WHAT IF the nutrients from Super Lutein and Izumio were in fact clearing these waste out of the cells, to allow the nutrients to reach the energy production center.

Super Lutein:

  • rich in antioxidants - some of these antioxidants could well be doing the clearing out of these waste


  • hydrogen enriched drink --- the hydrogen work effectively in clearing out Free Radicals - in fact, it is considered the most effective antioxidants known today!!! It's small atomic structure (hydrogen is the smallest atom known today) will allow it to penetrate the cell membrane easily, and since hydrogen is an efficient and effective Free Radicals neutralizer and cleaner, it could have easily cleaned out all these toxic, and (like the antioxidants in Super Lutein) then allowing the required nutrients to reach the energy production center.

These are in fact my theory, but knowing what I know, these could be probable explanations for my improved conditions.

For Arthritis Fingers

I had arthritis in my index and middle fingers on my right hand. Symptoms only started showing a few months before I started Naturally Plus' products. The index finger could no longer bend -- at best could only form a partial hook (90 degree at the first joint after the joint to palm). and the middle finger was beginning to get stiff.

2 weeks into the products, my middle finger's stiffness was gone. And within a month, my index finger was completely healed -- no more pain and it can be bend like normal fingers again.

Dose :

  • First 2 weeks, 3 capsules plus 1 pack Izumio once a day,
  • 2nd week onwards, increased to twice a day.

For Weight Loss

When I took Super Lutein and Izumio, I never did intend to use the products for weight loss.

However, the by-product of a more efficient cells detoxification process possibly could have lead to a better detoxification for my body and hence, as a result, I first lost water and then, I lost fats as well.

In fact, the loss of fat is replaced by lean muscle. (Remember? I don't exercise) as the resultant weight loss did not lead to flabby skin nor flabby flesh.

What if:
the nutrients from Super Lutein and the Hydrogen from Izumio actually helped clear out the waste from the cells and also from the organs -- making the cells and organs more efficient in their detoxification process.

For Better Skin

I did not expected better looking skin when I started consuming Naturally Plus' products. I was pleasantly surprised by how refined my facial skin started to (and still is) look.

I also noticed that my wounds and bruises healed (and still do!) faster.

What if:
the Nutrients from Super Lutein and the Hydrogen from Izumio actually helped to repair the damaged skin, by repairing and thus producing healthier cells for the healing.

For Spider Veins

I never intended to take Naturally Plus' products to eliminate my spider veins. My spider veins been slowly but surely clearing out.

The products in the market today that can remove spider veins are either in cream form, surgical or some light or massage employed. I have never used any of these products for my spider veins. In fact, I had resigned to having them for rest of my life.

What if:
the Nutrients from Super Lutein and the Hydrogen from Izumio actually helped to repair the damaged skin, by repairing and thus producing healthier cells for the healing.

For Reduced Water Retention

As part of my fibromyalgia symptoms, I had a lot of water retention, especially in my hands and feet, and especially over night. I also suffered from chest pain -- presumably from the heart over working to compensate, in an effort, the lack of energy production as the body thinks its not getting enough oxygen to make energy (when in fact, it was really the lacking in protein and Vitamin B).

After taking the products, my water retention reduced considerably, as well as my chest pains. (I have not had chest pain since!)

What if:
the nutrients from Super Lutein and the Hydrogen from Izumio actually helped clear out the waste from the cells and also from the organs -- making the cells and organs more efficient in their clearing out excess liquid.

For Better Sleep

I have been a light sleeper all my life. This aggravated my CFS/Fibromyalgia issues as I would not be able to get quality sleep. A vicious cycle ensued from lack of quality sleep leading to worsening CFS, and worsening CFS led to even lesser quality of sleep, and the cycle got worse through the years.

From the first 2 weeks of taking the products, I had good quality sleep. I still wake up tired, but no where the level of tiredness I used to feel upon waking.  The tiredness feeling has slowly but surely reduced since. I am still a light sleeper, so in a way this characteristic will hinder my quality of sleep still but at least my quality of sleep is on the improve ! ZZZZZZZZ zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

For more Agility

Since young I have never been able to touch my feet easily. I have always had an issue with agility. I took up pilate while I was living in London, for little over a year in 2007/08. That has helped me to me finally be able to bend to touch my feet but not without stretching effort.

I have stopped practicing pilate since I left London in early 2008. However, since taking Naturally Plus' products, I find that I am able to bend more easily.

What if:
the nutrients from Super Lutein and the Hydrogen from Izumio actually helped to repair the damaged cells around the joints, and produce healthier cells subsequently.

For Healthier Hair

Hair to me has always been my crowning jewel. I looked after it with expensive products from the time I started earning, in my early 20s. However, over the years it has been chemically treated for perming, straightening and coloring. Plus, I used chemical hair treatments and, highly chemicalised shampoo and conditioner, to try to reverse the process of the other chemical processes - putting even more chemicals onto my hair!!!

I salon treated my hair as often as I could, to try and revive my hair.

Then, I decided to stop all hair chemical treatments to see the effect of Super Lutein and Izumio on my hair (Admittedly, I really didn't have the time as I was busy with Naturally Plus' business - all these hair processes do take time sitting on a hair salon chair). I was pleasantly surprise to find that my hair did actually became smoother, and the girls who shampoos my hair at the salon, too, commented on the improved texture of my hair and the increased in volume.

I also noticed the elasticity of my hair had also improved, and that the little dandruff issue I had was also cleared, not that it was a big issue before.

From June 2011 : I increased my dose to 3 capsules plus 1 pack Izumio, twice a day
Also started using Lute Shampoo and conditioner from June 2011.

What if:
the nutrients from Super Lutein and the Hydrogen from Izumio actually helped to repair the hair cuticles and helped produce healthier cuticles from healthier scalp and roots.

What if you give Naturally Plus' Products can give you your healthy results, too!!!

Still not convinced? Check out the other folks' testimonies.

Naturally Plus has over 1 Million consumers, and many has been with Naturally Plus for over a decade!!! Something is obviously working for them! I have been taking Naturally Plus for about 5 years now, and none of my earlier health symptoms have returned. And I feel energetic and healthy since I have been on Naturally Plus' wonderful (God-sent, to me) supplements!

I totally recommend you trying them out yourself !

  • Whether you are  only interested about maintaining your health,
  • or, whether you are  seeking a solution for your health issues.

The bonus is Naturally Plus' products can also simplify your health regime!!!

Check out Naturally Plus' products today!!!

Go on, pamper yourself ... you deserve it!

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