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Eye Disorders

At 81, almost lost his vision - but with Luck on his side, he Discovered Super Lutein and Izumio!

Mr. Oh suffered from high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and was also diabetic - resultant of an unhealthy lifestyle. As his health deteriorated, he was further diagnosed with glaucoma and cataract. He under went  laser surgery for cataract and glaucoma, but unfortunately, for 36 days afterwards, he experienced loss of vision.

Super Lutein and Izumio enabled him to regain his eyesight, and as a surprise bonus to him, reduced his  cholesterol, too!

Discovering Naturally Plus, , his health and eye conditions improved significantly. Mr Oh was 81 at the time he filmed this video in 2011. Even his doctor commented that he is as healthy as that of 31 years old!

Dosage (to help his eyes' recovery):

  • Super Lutein - 5 capsules 3 times a day
  • Izumio - 1 packet 3 times a day

Glaucoma Be Gone! Astigmatism Be Gone! Cataract Be Gone! ... the Magic of Super Lutein and Izumio!

Mr Raymond Chung was diagnosed with Glaucoma in September 2008 - with only 20% vision in his left eye and 30% vision in his right eye. Doctor estimated that he would be blind within the next 5 years and that there would only be a small chance of his condition improving.

As fate would have it, he discovered Super Lutein. After a few months' consumption, he felt improvement in his eyes - to a point, one day, he was able to read newspaper again! In the following fortnightly eye check appointment, he told his eye doctor that his vision was better, but, of course, the doctor didn’t believe him. Putting him through further tests, the doctor had to admit that indeed his eyesight had improved!!!

And his fortnightly appointments was immediately rescheduled for 3 months later. It was at this visit, 3 months later, that his eye specialist confirmed that his eye pressure had dropped to the safe range of 12-14.

And that was the last time needed to visit the specialist for his eye problems!

Now,  he talks Naturally Plus with anyone - another self-proclaimed ambassador!

Glaucoma - Near Blindness for 8 Years! Regained Vision!

Member suffered from Glaucoma in both eyes and had undergone surgery. He had very little vision in his right eye sight for close to 8 years.

He was introduced to Super Lutein in 2011. He took 5 capsules 3 times a day after each meal. After a month, he saw improvement in his right eye. It started with some blurry vision, and slowly, he was able to see some colors.

During one of his medical check up appointments, his doctor was surprised to see that his eye pressure level was between 7-8. This was much better than most average persons, measuring at 15.

He now uses his experience to help others - and has helped many of his family members and friends in their health journey.

Eye Floaters Floated Away! (no pun intended)

Member was suffering from severe eye floaters syndrome. He was told his eye specialist that there was no cure, and that he had to live with it.  A friend of his  recommended Super Lutein to him. 

After consuming Super Lutein for one week, he realized that his flaoters had decreased, and two months later, there were almost no more floaters in his eyes.

Thrilled with his results, he started to tell others about it. In the above video, he told of a story of a friend who had an eye disorder, who was almost blind. He gave him a bottle of Super Lutein to try. Within a week, he received a call from this friend telling him that he is starting to see light - and bought a couple more bottles of him. This friend's eye sight improved tremendously, and is now back riding motorcycle.

Dry Eyes No More for her, and Improved Health for him!

“My name is Tony Chan and I am 47 years old. I had balloon angioplasty operation 5 years ago. After the surgery, I was mostly feeling extreme fatigue and weak. My brother, who had his eyesight improved after taking Super Lutein, recommended Super Lutein to me. After 2 months of consuming Super Lutein, I felt energized. I then recommended it to my wife who suffered from dry eyes and redness in her eyes. Her conditions were caused by burst eye capillaries. On doctor's recommendation, she had been using eye drops since 199 till 2010. After consuming Super Lutein for just 1 month, my wife has recovered from her dry eye condition. She no longer needs the eye drops. I sincerely thank Super Lutein for giving my wife and I our health back.”

83 Year-old's Long-termed Glaucoma and Cataract Gone!

Member experienced improvement in her health after consuming Super Lutein.

She then introduced the product to her 83 year-old mother. Her mother had been blind in the right eye for 32 years due to glaucoma, and her left eye blind from cataract for 21 years.

After consuming 11 bottles (3×3 capsules or 9 capsules daily) of Super Lutein, she eye conditions improved!!! ... to a point that she could even see the wrinkles on her husband’s face! ;-0 She has never lost her sense of humor, and now she has her eye sight back!

"Computer Eyes" Strain - Eyes Health Improved, and Bonus, General Health Improvement, too

The bonus the stock trader wasn't expecting, but very happy with. Member took Super Lutein for his eyes health - being a trader, daily staring at the computer led to eyes deterioration. Took Super Lutein and found that his eyes sight improved, and the unexpected bonus of general well being improved, too! - less lethargic, more energy, lower cholesterol, lower high blood pressure, and lower sugar level - a very healthy bonus, indeed!


  • 3 Super Lutein Capsules, daily

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Organs removed, but still leads a Healthy Life ...

  • By the time Masato Sakai-san discovered Naturally Plus, he had already undergone numerous surgeries, including removing both his colon and bladder, and huge amount of his intestines.
  • Doctors gave him the grim news of low survival rate; not surprising, with so many of his organs affected and some removed.
  • Soon after that, he discovered Super Lutein (at that time, there was only Super Lutein!).
  • Masato Sakai-san is still with us today, thankfully(!) - more than 15 years after he was told by his doctors the grim news of his health condition.
  • Not only that, he leads a healthy and wealthy life today!!! Travels frequently to promote Naturally Plus' products!!!

If people who don't know him meet him on the street, they would never guessed that this is a man who was given the "death sentence" more than 15 years ago! 

Today, he is an self-proclaimed ambassador for Naturally Plus!!!He is the living proof that Super Lutein not only helped him overcame his cancer, but continued to allow him to lead a healthy life!

Melanoma, Skin Cancer, Stage 3 - Now, Cancer Free

Mr. Benjamin Khoo, a USA member, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma. He underwent the first lot of chemotherapy - and like most chemo patients, he felt unwell and weak.

Before he was due for his second treatment, he was introduced to Super Lutein and Izumio. He took 9 capsules of Super Lutein and 2 packs of Izumio for the 10 days leading into his second treatment. He was even well enough to drive himself to and from the hospital after the second treatment.

He continued with the same regime for the rest of his chemo treatments.

He has recently been declared cancer free by his doctors. He feels blessed to have been introduced to Naturally Plus' products - and is now a healthy, energetic ambassador for Super Lutein and Izumio

Dosage during chemo:

  • 9 Super Lutein + 2 packs Izumio

Liver Cancer - scheduled for transplant - and liver healed, surgery no longer required!

In his own words ...

“I’m diagnosed with Liver cancer in 2009 and went through 2 operations altogether as my cancer has relapsed. By the 2nd time it relapsed, the doctor told me that an operation will not work and I will need a Liver Transplant. I was scheduled for Liver Transplant in June 2014.

Actually, one of my friend has constantly tried to persuade me to consume Super Lutein but each time I will take the supplements only for a short period of time, and stop eating thereafter. While waiting for my Liver Transplant, in December 2013, my friend again tried to persuade me to eat Super Lutein. I finally agreed and took them in large amount – 10 capsules day and night. Subsequently, I also started taking Izumio.

During May 2014, one month before my scheduled operation for Liver Transplant, the doctor recommended me to postpone the surgery since my cancer index has stabilized. Since then, my condition is stable and no further surgery is needed till date."

~ Michael Leong, Super Lutein / Izumio Testimonial


  • 10 Capsules Super Lutein, twice a day
  • Izumio was subsequently added to regime

Breast Cancer - Final Stage

In her own words ...

“I am diagnosed with last stage Breast Cancer on 20 May 2010. My cancer cells spread to the lymph nodes, lungs, liver and head area. My stomach was very bloated and I was in a bad state of mind. Since then, I lost a lot of weight.

The doctor persuaded me to go for Chemotherapy but the dates for Chemotherapy was eventually postponed because my body was very weak.

Fortunately, I was recommended by my friend to try Super Lutein and Izumio. I consumed 2 capsules of Super Lutein every 2 hours (a total of 20 capsules a day) and 3 packets of Izumio every day. The doctor saw my health improving and allowed me to proceed with Chemotherapy.

Usually, a patient that goes through Chemotherapy will feel very weak after the session. But that didn’t happen to me. I was feeling fine and after a period of chemotherapy and consuming Super Lutein and Izumio, my cancer cell index has dropped from 313 to 20. I am still consuming the products even till today, with lesser dosage.”

~ Mdm Chong, 47 years old, Super Lutein / Izumio Testimonial

Dosage to bring her body back to healthy level for surgery:

  • 2 capsules of Super Lutein every 2 hours (a total of 20 capsules), per day
  • 3 packets of Izumio, per day

Breast Cancer - 3rd Stage

In Dec 2012, member was diagnosed with third stage breast cancer. She was very surprised because she had been very conscious about her health all her life. She had been taking other health supplements for more than 10 years, and never expected to fall sick, let alone be a cancer patient.

Her friend, who is a breast cancer survivor introduced her to Super Lutein and Izumio. She took about 4-5 packets of Izumio when she was undergoing chemotherapy and did not feel the side effects of chemotherapy at all. She was even playing games on her smart phone, while the other patients, who were also under going chemotherapy, around her were, unfortunately, throwing up or, looking and feeling sickly.

Her latest medical checkup showed that she is cancer free.

Dosage during chemo:

  • 4-5 packets of Izumio

Brain Cancer, Stage 4 - now, a healthy globe trotter

“My mother is a Brain Cancer stage 4 patient. The Doctor informed us that she can only live for 6 more months even with Chemotherapy.

However, she is still alive after 14 months. We are very thankful as Super Lutein and Izumio has helped her a lot while she was undergoing Chemotherapy. She felt minimal side effect as compared to others who had also gone through Chemotherapy.”

~ Mr. Anthony Leong, Super Lutein / Izumio Testimonial

Now, his mother goes globe trotting, and he hardly gets to see her!


  • Super Lutein – From 5 Capsules increased to 15 capsules, taken daily
  • Izumio – 3 to 4 packs Izumio, daily

Nasal Cancer

Sam Yong was diagnosed with third stage Nasal Cancer in 2010. When he under went his first Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy, but felt very weak and was not able to work. His weight dropped drastically from 77 kg to 50 kg. He tried many alternative therapies, such as traditional Chinese medicine, and other supplements but nothing worked for him.

His friend then introduced to Super Lutein and Izumio to him. After consuming the products, he felt more energetic. He was able to continue working as a photographer, throughout the rest of his  radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments.

Five years later (2015), doctors declared him healthy.

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High Cholesterol, Diabetes

High Cholesterol and Diabetes - the common twin evil of age- related health today


  • Started with 3 Izumio + 9 capsules of Super Lutein, per day.
  • Subsequently,  1 Izumio + 6 Super Lutein, per day.
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Leg Saved!

Diabetic Patient

  • Leg was scheduled to be amputated if the wound continued to deteriorate.
  • After taking Super Lutein and Izumio, not only was amputation averted but her sore healed!


  • Took 9 Capsules Super Lutein plus 1 pack Izumio daily
  • Within 2 months, wound was showing signs of healing

Knock the Diabetes out of the Body, especially at its early stage!

No dosage provided.

But took the powerful combination of Izumio and Super Lutein.

A Common Diabetic Story - Foot Ulcer! This one Healed!

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Kidney, Bladder Disorders

68 Year Old's Dialysis Averted!

68 year-old Mdm Mok was scheduled to begin her kidney dialysis treatments. Her doctor had already began preparation for her treatment. A dialysis catheter had already been inserted into her arm. 

Luckily for her, she was introduced to Naturally Plus' products before her treatments began. She consumed 3 capsules Super Lutein and 1 packet of Izumio, twice daily – once in the morning and once in the evening.

After 10 days, co-incidentally, she was due for a checkup.  At that appointment, she was told that her markers had fallen from 400 to 200, and she no longer needed to undergo dialysis treatment. She was then booked in for a separate appointment to remover the catheter.

Dialysis Patient - Now No longer looking sickly, Improved Health and Appetite and a Zest for Life

In her own words ...

“I’m suffering from Kidney disease and have been on dialysis for 6 years. Since consuming Super Lutein and Izumio, my health have steadily improved. I’m been sharing the goodness of Super Lutein and Izumio to friends who had the same condition with me, and I feel very blessed that they believed in me and tried the products too. I will like to recommend this product to all of you and hope that we will all be healthy and happy.”

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) and Gall Stones, Lead to Kidney Dysfunction ... Super Lutein and Izumio averted surgery and helped recover her health!

This member had history of hypertension (high blood pressure). In April 2014, the health issue lead to her hospitalization, and an impending surgery due to gall stones, a dysfunction right kidney and  inflamed intestines. She suffered from back and knee pain, lost her sight, and her weight plummet from 90 Kg to 45Kg.

The dysfunction kidney was possibly due to a combination of the hypertension and the gall stones issue. After all, gall stones can "travel" to the kidney if not eliminated properly from the body. The inflamed intestines could have been a result of the stones and the kidney's toxicity struggling with processing inflammation from the stones (and, possibly exacerbated other health issues).

In her critical conditions, on June 18, the doctors advised surgery to remove the stones and the decaying right kidney.

A friend recommended Super Lutein and Izumio. She decided to hold off surgery.

On June 21, she began a regime of 12 capsules of Super Lutein and 4 packs of Izumio daily. Her urine was smelly and frothy - signs of detoxification.

3 weeks into the regime, her health check follow up, showed:

  • gall stone reduced from 1.75 cm to 1.5 cm
  • regained her sights
  • decay in right kidney arrested (stopped)
  • slight spotting in her left kidney remained

She stopped her medication.

Another 3 weeks into the regime, and following another health check:

  • gall stones cleared
  • right kidney back to normalized functions
  • no more spotting in her left kidney

She returned to work shortly after.

She now takes Super Lutein daily, for health maintenance.

A great story!

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Skin Disorders

Ichthyosis - cause unknown ... Super Lutein and Izumio still worked their Magic!

Condition developed when a toddler
Condition remained throughout childhood
Throughout young adulthood, confined to home
Within 7 days of taking Super Lutein and drinking Izumio, skin begins to peel
Continued improvement, over the next 7 days
  • This young man suffered from this condition since he was a baby.
  • He was 19 when he was given both Super Lutein and Izumio to try.
  • Within 3 weeks, his conditioned improved so much that he was willing to go out for a meal -- something he has not done till then!
Who would have guessed he had a skin condition.
A few months later at a Naturally Plus' Convention.

Psoriasis Developed from Taking Medications, Now Psoriasis No More! Thanks to Izumio!

In his own words ...

"At the age of 24, I was diagnosed with high blood and Gout. Doctor prescribed medication for my high blood condition but after taking it, I started to develop skin problem. My skin became so thick that it cracked and was very painful. Medical research shows that such skin condition cannot be cured. I continued to seek for medical treatments through ointment and laser. It helped a little but it always comes back.

I was introduced to Izumio by my friend for my skin condition, and by the time I finished the first box (2 packets per day), my head and face area became better. 2nd box improved my back, chest and stomach area. 3rd box improved my hands and legs area. In the past, I will always wear long sleeves to cover my arms so that people will not say nasty things about it. But now, I can wear short sleeves shirt freely.

Unknowingly, it even helped improved my Gout condition. I feel less pain in my legs even when I consume red meat or beans related food. And now I want to share and help people who are also suffering the same skin disease as me.”


Relieved from Long-term Psoriasis

  • Suffered from long-time psoraisis skin issue.
  • Took Super Lutein and Izumio.
  • Overcame skin problem in 9 months.

Dosage in the first 4 weeks:

  • Week 1 - Super Lutein - 3 Capsules, once a day
  • Week 2 - Super Lutein - 3 Capsules once, twice  a day
  • Week 3 - Super Lutein - 3 Capsules once, three time  a day
  • Week 4 - Super Lutein - 3 Capsules once, three times  a day, plus 1 packet Izumio

Said Goodbye to Psoriasis!

Eczema Go Away!!! - she can cuddle her beloved pets again!

Brave little girl, suffered from allergies, that caused eczema. After 6 weeks of consuming Super Lutein and Izumio, there was noticeable improvement. Within 6 months, she could cuddle her pet cat, without allergic symptoms! One happy little girl!


  • for the first 6 weeks - 3 capsules of Super Lutein + 1 packet of Izumio, twice a day.
  • subsequently - 2 capsules of Super Lutein + 1 packet of Izumio, daily. If there are signs of allergic symptoms, dosage was doubled temporarily.

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Izumio contained the dengue viral infection.


  • 3-4 packets of Izumio per day
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Virus and Bacteria Infections

Years of Bacterial Infection Symptoms ... Arrested by Super Lutein

In her own words ...

“I am constantly having abdominal pain, diarrhea and bloatedness, for a very long period of time. I’ve consulted both Chinese and Western doctors but it didn’t solve the problem. Finally. I decided to go for a medical test and it was then I found out that I have Helicobacter Pylori – a type of bacterial infection. My condition will continue to worsen if left untreated.

I was introduced to Super Lutein by my friend. At the beginning, I took 3 capsules every day. At the 2nd week, I increased the dosage to 6 capsules everyday, and from the 3rd week onwards, I took 9 capsules daily.

I experienced itchiness in both my hands and legs when I first started consuming 9 capsules. However, this is due to the recovering period effect which slowly went away.

4 months later, I went back for follow up check up, and was delighted to know that my condition has improved! The level of C13 enrichment dropped from 34.9 to 0.8(normal <2.5). I am very happy that I came across Super Lutein.”

~ Ms. Sally Phay,

Positive Health Effects of Hydrogen on Virus and Viral Diseases

This video showcased experiments conducted in a South American hospital, on the positive effects of hydrogen, including the effects on the containment of virus.

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Victims of Accidents

Accident left him confined to a wheelchair, but he walked again. Thanks to Super Lutein!

  • Due to an accident, was told will be confined to wheel chair for life.
  • 12 months after consuming Super Lutein, he could stand up with the help of cane. Subsequently, he was able to walk with cane.
  • Another 12 more months, he was able to walk but with a slight limp.
  • Further consumption, he was able to walk normal again
  • Today, he is fully recovered, leading a healthy life, and strong leader speaker for Naturally Plus.

Accident left her in coma, Awakened by Super Lutein!

  • Due to accident, was in a coma. Doctors told her parents she would never recover.
  • While she was in a coma, her parents wet her lips with contents of Super Lutein squeezed out of capsules.
  • She eventually woke up from her coma
  • Today, she leads a normal life.

P.S. - she appeared in the same video above. ;-)

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Blood Clot in Brain, Potential Stroke Averted

Looking for a health supplement, her friend invited her to a Naturally Plus seminar on Izumio. At the seminar she learned that Izumio is good for stroke and brain injury. One unfortunate day, while she was out, she received a call from her cousin informing her that her own mother had a fall at home. She rushed home, but her mum could no longer move nor talk at that point. Recalling that she had 3 packets of Izumio with her, she make her mum consumed 1 pack. Shortly afterwards, her mum was sent to the hospital.

The doctor found a blot clot in her mum's brain, due to the fall, and was advised to undergo surgery. However, as her brother was overseas for a week, she waited for her brother's return to make the decision together as brain surgery is a very risky procedure.

During the one week's wait, her mum consumed 4 packets of Izumio daily, and there was noticeable improvement. On the fifth day, her mum could speak better and could recognized her and the rest of the family. She could even recall and explained what happened on that day of the fall. As she is awake and recovering well (though with some problem in movement), the doctor discharged her.

Back at home, her mum continued consuming Izumio, but added Super Lutein to the regime. Now her mother’s condition has stabilized and she is walking well.

Miss Wendy herself felt blessed that she got to know about these products. Her blood pressure level had been always at 255 points and diabetes is at 15.5 points. She tried many different medicine given by doctor. But still, the medicine given by the doctor could do little to help her. She almost gave up hope on treating her condition. However, she remembered about the benefits of Izumio, and started to consume it. She saw improvement in her blood pressure. 

Now, she shares the goodness of Izumio and Super Lutein to people around her.

Stroke led to loss of body functions, Izumio helped him regained his body functions

  • Member suffered a stroke
  • Lost 80% of body functions
  • Took Izumio
  • In 35 days, recovered majority of his body functions 
  • Today he takes both Super Lutein and Izumio
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Neurological Disorders

Parkinson's Disease for 10 years, Bed ridden for 2 years, Then he walked again ... with the help of Super Lutein and Izumio

• Eugene was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease when he was 35 years old.
• His condition deteriorated over the years.

• Prior to discovering Naturally Plus' products, he was bed ridden for 2 years.
• Started taking Super Lutein and Izumio in Oct 2012, and a few months later, his condition improved to a point that he started to walk again.

Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease in 2000, Izumio Helped Him Stabilized his condition

  • A Ballroom dancer who represented his country in the South East Asian Games in 1998.
  • Diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2000, and was told that he will eventually not be able to walk due to the disease.
  • Determined to fight the disease, he discovered Izumio. Not believing the testimonials he read, he researched the product. Once he was satisfied that Izumio is a worthwhile product to try, he started consuming Izumio.
  • Today, while he may not be totally cured of the disease (yet!), he believes that Izumio helped him to stabilize his condition and defied doctors' prediction that he would not be able to walk as the disease advance with time.
  • Today, he enjoys walking, tracking and hiking up a hill for his exercise regime.

97 Year Old with Parkinson's Disease recovered and personally thanked the company for producing Izumio

  • 97 years old member diagnosed with Parkinson's disease for many years.
  • Condition had already deteriorated to a point of memory loss, and at times, had violent outbreaks.
  • Family gave her Izumio.
  • After 3 months, she calmed down.
  • Another 3 months, she could recognize her family members again.
  • She attended Naturally Plus seminar, and personally thanked the company, and appealed for help to make her improve her conditions even more.
  • The doctors and nurses who cared for her, all signed up to consume Super Lutein and Izumio.

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Immune System and Auto-immune Disorders

Member who had Collagen Disease

  • Onodera-san, recovered from Collagen Disease, and today, is an ardent ambassador for Naturally Plus.

Member had bad immune system issue

  • Kudo-san had very bad immune system issues, constantly falling ill.
  • Took Super Lutein, and this had helped improved her situation so greatly that she is another willing advocate of Super Lutein.

Member who had severe rheumatism

  • Sakurai-san had severe rheumatism, which was dilapidating
  • Taking Super Lutein helped her conquer this disease.

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Inflammation Disorders

Excess Uric Acid Crystals led to Gout, An Inflammation of Joints Disease, Suffering Pain for more than 10 years, before discovering Super Lutein and Izumio

In his own words ...

“I suffer from Gout due to high Uric Acid, was in pain every single day. When the pain was unbearable, I would see a Doctor and the Doctor would prescribe pain relief medication and injection.

Sometimes even after taking the medication, it didn’t help relief the pain and I had to take Medical Leave from work. I tried taking Traditional Chinese Medication as well, but it only reduces the pain for a few days and the pain would eventually return. In addition, I had difficulty to sleep in the night as my hand felt numb.

In January 2014, my sister introduced me to Izumio. I started to take 2 packets of Izumio every day. After 2 months of consumption, I felt some improvement. I could stand up and work longer hours with minimal pain. The numbness in my hand stopped as well and I was able to sleep well at night. Since then, I reduced my daily dosage of Izumio to 1 packet and takes 3 capsules of Super lutein a day. Now, if I stand for a long period of time, there is slight pain but it is not as painful as before.”

~A Bun

Member's mother had chronic arthritis

  • Ozawa-san' mother suffered from chronic arthritis.
  • It was so chronic that her stiffen fingers could no longer hold door knobs and handles to open doors.
  • At that point, Ozawa-san was seeking a cure for her ailment when he came across Super Lutein.
  • He joined as member to allow his mother to consume Super Lutein.
  • Within a month, the pain from the arthritis had gone.
  • Within 3 months, her fingers became "normal" again.
  • Today, Ozawa-san's mother enjoys good health and travelling.
  • Today, Ozawa-san is one of the top leaders of Naturally Plus.
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Structural Issues

Fractured Ankle Converted Her to A Naturally Plus' Ambassador

In her own words ...

“Due to a fall, I fractured my right leg and had to undergo 3 surgeries – First is to put stainless steel, then remove stainless steel and lastly, to remove the remaining small bones. Even after surgery & taking Glucosamine, the pain remains severe and I was unable to walk properly on stairs.

I started taking Super Lutein in March 2014 (3 capsules) and 2 packets of Izumio daily. Within 1 month, I felt some improvement. I increased the dosage from 3 to 6 capsules the following month and felt even more improvement – I can stand longer and walk faster. Now, I can even walk up the staircase with no difficulty.”


Member who had a disc hernia

  • Nakamura-san was diagnosed with disc hernia in his spine. He was in a lot of pain.
  • Super Lutein helped improved his condition.
  • His improved health and lifestyle conditions made him another willing advocate of Naturally Plus.

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Products Work on Animals, Too!!!

Max, the dog, had cataract.

If Max could talk, he would be telling people about Super Lutein and Izumio!!! In any case, he's probably barking mad happy about his regained eye sight! Squirrels beware!

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The Aesthetic Testimonials

The Case for Baldness

  • 60 Years Old male member's hair growth, from applying Izumio.
  • Consumed Izumio, with the small amount left over, massaged into scalp.
  • Applied diligently over 6 months.

Another Positively Hairy testimony!!!

Stuff Naturally Plus, the industry and the law wants you to read ...

While there are wonderful stories and testimonies of many who have used Naturally Plus' products with healing or positive effects, these do not guarantee the same effects on you.

Do note that the information on this page and throughout this website are purely for informational and educational purposes only.  You must not rely on these information, including but not limited to, for your health or beauty treatments, or any other treatments/cure/diagnosis/use. Nor shall these information be used as substitute, or additional information, to that given by your Health Care Provider. Please always seek the advise of you Health Care Provider, and/or any other specialist professionals.

For full disclaimer, please see our Disclaimer page.

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