Naturally Plus' Products' Testimonials on Skin Problems

Skin is our largest organ. It covers our entire body, and it is the most visible. Besides being a protective layer for our cells underneath it, it is also our largest detox organ. Thus, the skin problems could potentially be revealing to an underlying health issue.

Treating the skin alone is not going to resolve the skin issue, let alone the underlying health issue.

Treat from within and you will solve two problems - internal health and skin -  with one solution! Here are what some folks have done ... and done so, victoriously!

Ichthyosis - cause unknown ... Super Lutein and Izumio still worked their Magic!

Condition developed when a toddler
Condition remained throughout childhood
Throughout young adulthood, confined to home
Within 7 days of taking Super Lutein and drinking Izumio, skin begins to peel
Continued improvement, over the next 7 days
  • This young man suffered from this condition since he was a baby.
  • He was 19 when he was given both Super Lutein and Izumio to try.
  • Within 3 weeks, his conditioned improved so much that he was willing to go out for a meal -- something he has not done till then!
Who would have guessed he had a skin condition.
A few months later at a Naturally Plus' Convention.

Psoriasis Developed from Taking Medications, Now Psoriasis No More! Thanks to Izumio!

In his own words ...

"At the age of 24, I was diagnosed with high blood and Gout. Doctor prescribed medication for my high blood condition but after taking it, I started to develop skin problem. My skin became so thick that it cracked and was very painful. Medical research shows that such skin condition cannot be cured. I continued to seek for medical treatments through ointment and laser. It helped a little but it always comes back.

I was introduced to Izumio by my friend for my skin condition, and by the time I finished the first box (2 packets per day), my head and face area became better. 2nd box improved my back, chest and stomach area. 3rd box improved my hands and legs area. In the past, I will always wear long sleeves to cover my arms so that people will not say nasty things about it. But now, I can wear short sleeves shirt freely.

Unknowingly, it even helped improved my Gout condition. I feel less pain in my legs even when I consume red meat or beans related food. And now I want to share and help people who are also suffering the same skin disease as me.”


Relieved from Long-term Psoriasis

  • Suffered from long-time psoraisis skin issue.
  • Took Super Lutein and Izumio.
  • Overcame skin problem in 9 months.

Dosage in the first 4 weeks:

  • Week 1 - Super Lutein - 3 Capsules, once a day
  • Week 2 - Super Lutein - 3 Capsules once, twice  a day
  • Week 3 - Super Lutein - 3 Capsules once, three time  a day
  • Week 4 - Super Lutein - 3 Capsules once, three times  a day, plus 1 packet Izumio

Said Goodbye to Psoriasis!

Skin Sores Won't Heal ... Until Super Lutein and Izumio

In her own words ..

“I am suffering from skin problem on my hands. The doctor prescribed Steroids to reduce the itch.

I told myself that I want to stop using doctor’s medication to control my condition, as I know consumption of Steroids over a long period of time is very harmful to the body. In fact, I feel that I’m beginning to have slower reactions.

I took 12 capsules of Super Lutein and 3 packets Izumio a day – half a packet of Izumio to soak my hands.  Since then, my whole health has improved for the better and I slowly stopped taking the doctor’s medication.”

~ Ms Penny

Atopic Eczema - Izumio to the Rescue!

  • Baby suffered from Atopic Eczema.
  • Given Izumio daily.
  • Recovered in 56 days.

Eczema Gone!!! - she can cuddle her beloved pets again!

Brave little girl, suffered from allergies, that caused eczema. After 6 weeks of consuming Super Lutein and Izumio, there was noticeable improvement. Within 6 months, she could cuddle her pet cat, without allergic symptoms! One happy little girl!


  • for the first 6 weeks - 3 capsules of Super Lutein + 1 packet of Izumio, twice a day.
  • subsequently - 2 capsules of Super Lutein + 1 packet of Izumio, daily. If there are signs of allergic symptoms, dosage was doubled temporarily.

Skin Allergies Subsided!


  • 3 capsules Super Lutein + 1 Izumio, per day

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