My Journey Back to Health

Naturally Plus and me


My name is Chin.

Thank you for visiting this site!

Before I talk about my website and the products I am introducing, let me tell you a bit about myself …

By knowing my background, you might come to understand why I have chosen to set up this website as a part of my longer term journey towards a naturally sustainable healthy lifestyle.

I am over 50 years old, and have been “researching” alternative medicine and alternative health for over 20 years. While I do not have any academic qualifications in health sciences, I do have a lot of knowledge from my own personal experiences and research.

Where It All Began ...

In the late 80s, I suffered from very bad migraine attacks which I accepted as genetic inheritance as some of my older siblings also suffered migraine attacks from around the same age as I was. During attacks, I took up to 6 painkillers - and if that didn't work, I would have to take a sleeping pill, to sleep it off. After suffering for a few years, I decided I was not going to succumb to this and to taking painkillers on each attack for the rest of my life.

I searched for alternative cures, and discovered Chiropractic care in the early 90s, by chance.  Since then I have not had any major migraine attacks. It was a revelation and the beginning of my journey into alternative health care. PS - I eventually moved to osteopathic care.

In the mid 90s, I was told I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). However, that did not slowed me down as I am mentally strong and was able to still push myself to live a full and fast life in spite of my condition. I never believed in naps and rest. I just kept going and going --- however, even the most powerful batteries in the world, if not recharged properly, the power will eventually be diminished … and so it happened to me.

I refused to take conventional medication and, I treated myself by learning and administering my own alternative medicine. This, I give credit to for my survival till today. Not until recently, there really was not much knowledge easily available on alternative health and medicine. In the early to mid 90s, during the pre-internet days, I had  to manually research and dig to find out about alternative health and medicine - read books, magazines, and articles, whatever I could lay my hands on.

Even in those days, I had personally came across people who have fought and won over illnesses which conventional medicine had given up on - all through natural and alternative medicines and therapies.

These real live cases and stories, strengthened my believe in alternative healthcare!

A Holistic Approach

Even feeding all the nutrients, the body must still rest and be given the chance to absorb all these nutrients from supplements as well as from food. I did not believe in rest and did not provide my body the correct environment to absorb these nutrients/supplements I was taking.

Yes, the supplements helped me to be where I am today, but IF I had helped my body to absorb these nutrients better, I would be a healthier individual earlier, than just “sustaining my survival” for a long time.

I believe these supplements, plus the natural healing modalities, are the reasons I am healthier today, for someone with my "prior" health conditions, and especially for someone my age(!) – as I do not have all the typical "old-age" issues, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes (I have strong genes for Type II), etc.

Back to my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) - or, my my ex-CFS, I should say! - I continued to suffer for over 15 years, in spite of all the supplements I was taking. I was sustaining - but that was about it! Sustaining my fatigue body, but not healing!

My fatigue body finally could take no more. I didn’t collapsed totally, but I was left with signs that my body was crying out “no more, please!” --- which I thankfully (eventually) took notice of.

I developed a lump on my thyroid glands, which a surgeon wanted me to operate on -- and, which I thankfully said "thanks, but no thanks" -- and, I treated that with natural medicine and the lump disappeared. You see, my long term CFS state caused my endocrine system to go hay-wired! - and I was somehow producing a lot of T4 (prohormone of thyroid hormone T3), and the built up caused the "lump". The natural medicine eventually "stabilize" the production of T4, and the lump went away.

A couple of years after that episode, I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia --- similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I had constant joint pains (24 x 7!). An eventual test -- testing at cellular level-- showed that for reasons unknown, my cells were not able to absorb Vitamin B and Protein needed for biological oxidation (the making of energy).

As I understand it, the body absorbs nutrients (from food and the supplements) to do 2 things:

One, to use the nutrients to re-build the tissues for growth and repair.

Two, to use some of the nutrients to make energy so that we can think, move, etc.

My body could do one but not two. Hence, while I am healthy with no age-old health issues, but I was constantly tired to the extent that eventually, I could not even think properly. I had problems forming even a thought! There were nights , especially when I had a long day, I could not make myself think! Blank! Nothing! Zilch! Nada! ...and that frightened me! I thought I was on the verge of Alzheimer’s.

I also suffered from chest pains and as I understand it, this  is due to my heart over-working  to compensate for the lack of energy production by (over?) trying to pump oxygen to the cells – oxygen being one of the ingredients for energy making. But it wasn't oxygen my cells were lacking. My cells could not incorporate the Vitamin B and protein needed to make the energy!

Another possible effect of the 'over-worked’ heart is  water retention in my hands and feet which would swell over night --- painful enough to keep me awake at night. 

My Introduction to Naturally Plus

I was first introduced to Naturally Plus in  mid-2010. The minute I heard it was a MLM/ Direct Marketing company, I lost interest as the friend  who spoke about it was trying to sell it from a "sales" angle … I was truly not into MLM nor Direct Marketing or Network Marketing... yes, I buy the odd Amway cleaners for my own consumption, but that was about it!

As fate has it, I met this friend again about 5 months later  (we live in different cities) – and I saw the big improvement on her facial skin. Since I have known her when we were  13 years old, she had a terrible facial skin condition. It subsequently got worst after the birth of her 2 children - possibly due to the hormonal changes. She tried many skin care products, and been to many skin specialists, but nothing could "save" her face … until these products, that is!

And so, I signed up immediately, on 22 Dec 2010. I went for a full medical check up as a basis for future comparison. And on Dec 24, I went “cold turkey” by dropping all my supplements – except for my adrenal hormone pills I was taking for my CFS/Fibromyalgia.

When I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I was put on a natural supplement (D-Ribose) that helped controlled my joint pain. There were times when I ran out, the joint pain would return immediately! I even dropped this on Dec 24, 2010, when I started on these products. I was ready for my pain to return, as it would each time I stopped D-Ribose.

On the following day, Dec 25 2010, my joint pain did not rear its ugly head!!! ... The pain was gone!!! I thought, ok, it could be a one day thing, but let's see... Guess what, my pain never came back - and that was, more than 6 years ago!!

And most amazing of all, my energy level!!!  It was up to 80% (if I could put a percentage on it) on a good day --- and on a bad day it was around 60% --- something which  I have not felt for many, many years !!! And all within 2 weeks of taking these products.

Only 2 products (!!!) -- Super Lutein and Izumio. No more handfuls of supplements morning, day and night! (My husband used to joke that I should buy shares in these supplements companies, so that in the least we could get some money back!)

I was impressed!!! And I was also interested to know why and how these products work … which I will share with you in my testimonials ...

To Live Well...

I passionately believe in Preventative Medicine.

Prevention is likely to be less costly for a lot of critical illnesses. More importantly, it is less stressful emotionally and financially, than trying to cure an illness.

Preventative medicine will also give us a better chance at a quality life.

While many people would strive for a long life, I would do all I can to live a quality life, and if it's long, a great bonus. The truth of the matter is, I think we don't have a say in the length of our life. There is a Chinese saying that "birth and death are pre-determined". If so, I can't control that. However, I can definitely take definitive actions to create the QUALITY of LIFE that I wish to have.

In that spirit, I kindly invite you to explore this website and my upcoming articles and blogs. …. and  hopefully in doing so, you, too, will discover ways to live a more naturally and healthy lifestyle.

As for the Prosperity that Mr Spock (of Star Trek fame) spoke of, well ...Naturally Plus can accord you that, too --but only if you want to.

Otherwise, if Good Health is all that you want, you certainly can be rewarded with GOOD HEALTH with Naturally Plus' products - Over 2 Million members have testified and endorsed (me, including !)

For the Prosperity piece, if I may slightly alter Mr Spock's famous words "To Live Long and Proper" to  "To Live Well and Prosper"!

This is me, climbed to the top the Sydney Harbour Bridge! Not a bad feat for an ex-CFS sufferer! (It was a windy twilight!)

Live Well and Prosper !!!


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