Super Lutein ... No.1 Health Supplement in Japan

Super Lutein is a nutritional and food supplement made from Natural Ingredients.

Super Lutein is made from Essential Carotenoids and Essential Nutrients.

Each of these Ingredients Supports the Healthy Functions of the Organs

Essential carotenoids :

Other ingredients includes :

  • Blueberry extracts
  • Blackcurrant extracts
  • Fish Oil (DHA)
  • Vitamin E
  • B Vitamins

Ingredients per every 3 Capsules (1.62g)

  • energy 10.1 kcal
  • protein 0.54 g
  • carbohydrate 0.24 g
  • fat 0.78 g
  • lutein 18.0 mg
  • lycopene 2.16 mg
  • sodium 2.22 mg
  • crocetin 3.0 mg
  • α-carotene 840 μg
  • β-carotene 2020 μg
  • blackcurrant extracts 72.0 mg
  • vitamin E 72.8 mg
  • DHA 46.7 mg

Super Lutein, Progressively Enhanced In-Line with Contemporary Research

Since it's launch in March 1999, Super Lutein has gone through 4 enhancements in its ingredients; each time based on contemporary cutting edge research of the day.

For example, a research shown that by adding Fish Oil to Lutein supplement, the healing effect on eye diseases tested, improved by as much as 56%. Naturally Plus incorporated this research into its product, and enhanced Super Lutein by adding Fish Oil.

Each generation in itself was effective, but each enhanced generation became more effective than the last.

Super Lutein, also a Food Supplement

Super Lutein is also known as a food supplement; its ingredients in 3 capsules is the equivalent of taking the daily requirement of :

  • 6 colored pigments food
  • 4 Servings of Fruits
  • 5 Servings of Vegetables

Side Note: Health Authorities in developed countries advocate daily consumption of these, as a minimum.

Have you consumed your daily requirements today?

Daily Health and Food Supplement in A Simple Convenient Form

The daily recommended dose of Super Lutein, for health maintenance is :

  • 3 capsules per day
  • Taken anytime of day
  • Can be Taken with or without Food (after all it itself is a Food Supplement)

With the rush of modern living, Super Lutein provides the convenience of :

  • once a day supplement
  • all-in-one supplement
  • taken anytime of day ... even when you have forgotten to take them in the morning, taken just before bedtime is just as good

In cases of health crisis, the dosage may be increased.

As with all natural products, in event of unpleasant (or unmanageable) side effects, please discontinue, and more than likely, the side effects will be reduced or even disappear.

Side Note: In any event, as with any health supplements, please seek medical help from certified health practitioners before beginning your regime if you are unsure, and especially if you have any health concerns.

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