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For the latest and most up to-date Membership Rules and Regulations ...

SuperLuteinNaturally.com's purpose is to make you aware that rules and regulations exists, and that there are these things to look out for.

While this website strives to keep up with any changes there may be, to provide the latest information, there may be times we may not have caught up, and at times it may not be possible to align the information to Naturally Plus' updated information.

Hence, for certainty, always check the latest rules and regulations on the latest and greatest Naturally Plus' Member's Manual, and/or contact Naturally Plus' Salons/Hubs for the latest and most up to-date information, if need be. Bonus Points and/or Membership rules and regulations may (will likely!) change from time to time.

Additionally, as more and more Salons are opened in different countries, and that the rules and regulations may vary from country to country, it is not possible for us to keep abreast with each Salon's rules and regulations.

As SuperLuteinNaturally.com and its associates are members only, just like you are, and the Membership Rules and Regulations are set by Naturally Plus, and not by SuperLuteinNaturally.com nor any of its related members, any discrepancies on Membership Information, Naturally Plus' information takes precedence.

As such, we can't be held liable as we do not have any control, nor influence, over these rules and regulations made by Naturally Plus and their respective Salons/Hubs.

Thank you for your understanding.

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