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This website was born out of a passion to share the wonderful products from Naturally Plus, the Japanese supplement company - a young, vibrant and innovative company, that consistently comes up with what I call state of the art (and science) health and well-being products.

Naturally Plus started in 1999 with just one state of art product of its time, Super Lutein, and kept enhancing it to its present 5th generation. With its one product alone, it made it to top 5 (out of 3,600) of MLM companies in Japan - all within 6 short years of incorporation. That's quite an amazing feat! Simply because Super Lutein stood out in health testimonies amongst its members and its simple marketing plans allow members to not only consume the product for free, but earn members an income.

Read more on Naturally Plus ...the Company and its' Awards and Endorsements.

Sponsors, Affiliates and the Like works much like a small business ... and like any businesses, require funding to operate.

This website's intent is to promote Naturally Plus' products, and because it is a Network Marketing (or Multi Level Marketing (MLM)), the owners and other members in its related grouping may earn income from these promotions - that's just how Networking Marketing or MLM works. Rest assured, the income is earned from the Naturally Plus and not from other members - and that's just how Naturally Plus have structured their marketing!

I know MLM does bring about a sort of "not nice" ring to it, but that's the way Naturally Plus has chosen to distribute its products - and because their products have proven themselves to almost 2 Million users (to-date), the products stand testimony that this MLM is all good. And to be honest, MLM has been given a bad name by some (notably Charles Ponzi), but most MLMs are genuine true-blue businesses., however, may accepts advertising and receives other forms of compensation from sponsors and advertisers. These funding help defray the costs associated with hosting this site and other operation costs.

Let us assure you that such compensation does not influence the information in this site. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences.

In any case, we only accept sponsorships from providers of high-quality goods or services. We appreciate their recognition and support of this site.

Rest assured, too, that the content on sponsored pages is independent of any sponsorship or affiliate relationship. To avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest and in the spirit of full disclosure, we identify all sponsored content to you.

We may also make recommendation on supplements or health care products (including but not limited to Naturally Plus' products), books and other items. These are, as mentioned above, based on our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences, to the best of our knowledge.

P.S. - Please note that the need for supplementation varies with each individual. In any case, whatever advice or information you obtain from this site should not be taken to override any medical advice that have been given; and in no way, should be considered as medical advice. Please see also our disclaimer.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Let your journey to Healthy Wealthy Living begins …

Live Well and Prosper !!! Team

A little note on Google Ads may incorporate Google Ads on this site.

We would like to point out that we do not have control over what advertisements (or commonly known today as "ads") Google place on our site. It is based on their own internal assessment and programing.

Occasionally, we may include a link to an ad in our contents - where we see a relevance and where we feel visitors might be interested to know. There links will appear as words that are double-underlined, are text ads, like Google's, except not as clearly identified by the company that provides this service.

We just thought we'd let you know about that here, for the sake of clarity.

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Please note the availability of products, can be different for each country or hub.

If the product you are looking for is not available in the salon of your country of residence or hub of your membership, please contact us.

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