Izumio, No.1 Hydrogen Enriched Health Drink in Japan

Izumio, Hydrogen Rich Drink for Health and Vitality. 

It All Started with The Miracle Water Sites of the World...

Have you heard of the Miracle Water Sites of the World ?

The most famous being the one at Lourdes, France. There are also lesser known ones  - Tlacote (Mexico), Nordenau (Germany), Hita (Japan), and Hunza (Pakistan).

Each has their respective claim to fame to have healed hundreds (if not, thousands!), just as the Lourdes' one has.

Here is one Facebook-er's summation of these sites - just out interest and to provide a little more information on these sites.


I am not disputing the validity of these claims at all. In fact, I am a believer, and like some scientists, I, too, am curious to know how these water heal. Of course, the scientists views it from a scientific perspective. I being the layperson of science, am just curious -- whether it's a scientific based explanation, or a spiritually based explanation...I am sold!

Discovery of Active Hydrogen...A Scientific Explanation

A documentary broadcasted on Japanese TV relating to one the Miracle Water sites - Tlacote, Mexico.

It followed one doctor in South America's own observations of the healing effects on her patients from drinking the water from Tlacote.

Click here for the Short Clip on YouTube.

The documentary also followed a research professor at Kyushu University, Japan, who "discovered" that there are, in fact, high concentration of Active Hydrogen in the water obtained from Tlacote, compared to ordinary drinking water.

How Does Active Hydrogen Heals?

Active Hydrogen is An Effective and Fast Working "Anti-oxidant"!

  • An Effective "anti-oxidant" by the mere fact that it converts Free Radicals into harmless substance that can be passed out of the body.
  • A Fast Working "anti-oxidant" - being an unstable element, it is quick to attract Free Radicals, and chemically combines with them to convert the Free Radicals into harmless substance.
  • These harmless substance are then passed out -- usually in liquid form, as  urine or perspiration.

Some Characteristics of Hydrogen:

Hydrogen the Smallest Atom Known in the World Today.

In fact, it is so small it can penetrate into all nooks and corners of our bodies. And that is one of its miracle characteristics that leads to all these healing when drinking water from these sites. The miracle is in the Active Hydrogen.

But to me, the miracle is also that these sites are found, and made available to many who are seeking health cures. Discovery of these sites are a miracle themselves!

Hydrogen is an Unstable Gas.

The million dollar question is then, if the Miracle Water has been proven scientifically to cure many diseases, why it is not packaged (and sold?) and distributed to save many?

  • The scientific answer to that is because Hydrogen (Active Hydrogen) is an unstable element and therefore, it cannot be packaged and taken away from the sites without the Miracle Water losing its vital element (Hydrogen).
  • The process of the loss of Hydrogen to the surrounding is called "Oxidation-Reduction Potential" (ORP), and is measured in mV (milli-volt), the measure of electric charge of the element. The higher the positive value of the mV, the higher it's oxidation qualities (or it's inablilty to de-oxidize). In other words, for best effective oxidation, the number has to be smaller (i.e. the smaller negative number means higher ORP).

The table on the left shows the oxidation ability of Hydrogen reduces over time - that is, its effectiveness reduces over time.

So, by the time, it is delivered to a shop or a home, most of the vital ingredient (Hydrogen) would have been lost. Hence, packaging and distributing the water from these sites, so far has not been attempted.

In fact, packaging and distributing Hydrogenized or Hydrogen enriched water, had not been attempted ...

Until ... (drum roll, please...)

Izumio is Home Delivered, in its specially crafted patented packaging! The only known packaging today, to be able to contain Hydrogen, to ensure you can enjoy the (health) goodness of Hydrogen in a pack! ...in the comfort of your own home!

Of course, it would be nice to travel to these Miracle Water sites, but it would not be economically viable (for most) to continue to stay on on these sites to be able to consume the water on a daily basis.

As such, Izumio would be the best alternative ... and with a healthy you, you can still visit these sites, if you do decide to ... but as a healthy visitor!

Hydrogen Water not new to markets

If you are wondering if Hydrogenized or Hydrogen enriched water are something new to the markets, they are not. They have been around for a long time ... and in fact, very popular in the Japanese market.

Before the arrival of Izumio, a conveniently packed Hydrogenized water, the other available hydrogen water in the markets are:

  • magnesium sticks - mix the stick in the water to obtain the hydrogen.
  • purified water filters that can produce some level of hydrogen in its purification process.

And I believe, they will work, as long as you can get the hydrogen produced from these processes, into your body.

Bearing in mind that Hydrogen is the lightest and smallest element known today, hydrogen will very quickly dissipate into the air. As for the Hydrogen produced from these methods, there is nothing to contain the Hydrogen in. So, question is how much Hydrogen will one be consuming from these products? Some, yes... but how much? is the big question I have.

Izumio, on the other hand:

  • the Hydrogen content are conveniently contained in a specially created "cheer" pack - just pop the top to drink. Sealed in and ready to serve your body, and not just dissipate into the air.
  • and more importantly, it's concentration is 2,600,000 ppt (parts per trillion), - and that is more than 3,500 times of Lourdes' water's concentration of Hydrogen, of the same liquid volume!

I am not trying to sound bias, but I am not sure, just on these two points alone, how the other products can compare?!

Now, let me introduce you to IZUMIO!

Izumio, the Patented Hydrogen Water Drink

Introducing Patent 3606466 - Izumio's Special Pack and Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

Patented Packaging
  •  Its special patented 4 layers Aluminium packaging is able to contain the Hydrogen within the packaging.
  • This allows the distribution of water similar to the water of Miracle Water Sites - enriched Hydrogen water - to be distributed anywhere in the world ... bringing the "Miracle Water" to you!!!

Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Oxygen is first removed from the water. This will ensure Hydrogen added in the subsequent process, will not bind with the existing oxygen in the water.
  • Hydrogen is then injected into the de-oxygenated water. Hydrogen injected is managed, to ensure the optimum levels of Hydrogen per pack is always achieved.
  • Patented 4 layers of Aluminium prevents Hydrogen from dissipating, and impurities from contaminating the water in the pack, as well as ensuring the required Optimal level of Hydrogen is maintained in the duration of its shelf life.

How Do Water from Miracle Water Sites' Compare?

Since the release of this, Hydrogen content of Izumio has been increased to 2,600,000 ppt or 2.6 ppm!

Compared to the highest concentration of Hydrogen amongst the Miracle Water sites (Lourdes = 550 ppt), Izumio's concentration is 2,600,000 ppt !!! Mathematically, that works out to be more 3,500 times Lourdes' water! It's not even humanly possible to drink that much water in a day! But with Izumio, it's only 200ml for that much MORE hydrogen!

Naturally Plus has a reputation to keep enhancing their already good products to give their consumers more and more value for their money.

Today, they have even changed the way they packed Izumio into the box, to help retain the Hydrogen for even longer length of time in its patented packaging.

PS - the price did not increase even after they added more Hydrogen content into Izumio! How is that for addded value?!

This is how much volume of the water from Lourdes you need to drink to equal the same amount of Hydrogen from one pack of Izumio.

Given Lourdes' water curing rate fame - according to scientists due to the water's Hydrogen content - ...just imagine what Izumio can do!

For more information on Izumio, feel free to visit Naturally Plus' sites:



- once you are in the NP USA site -click on "Media Centre" and then "Video" and look for an interview with Dr Garth Nicholson (Nobel Prize Nominee), on Izumio.

Safe for kids, too

Looking for more evidence?

Still not Convinced? Have a look at the independent tests on Izumio, below.

Izumio and Paper Clips Test

  • Nails were placed in 3 different types of water, including Izumio
  • After 10 days, the paper clips in Izumio has not oxidized
  • Oxidation process is the cause of rusting
  • Similar oxidation process in our body causes aging.

Izumio and Apple, and Izumio tested on stomach ulcer

  • In the apple test, 2 slices of apple from same apple where immersed in tap water and Izumio respectively. They were both taken out at the same time. The slice of apple immersed in tap water shows it has been oxidised (oxidation on organic matter)
  • Similar oxidation happens in the human body (organic)
  • Person with stomach ulcer did a test to show the effects on the stomach ulcer; showing the scan before taking Izumio, and the scan after taking Izumio for 7 days.

Izumio (Hydrogen) and Free Radicals

Izumio has 2,600,000 ppt Hydrogen!

Want more evidence?

Check out the testimonials by consumers.

Not Just a Health Supplement

Izumio's other fanclubs:

Combining Izumio with Super Lutein

All Naturally Plus' products can be taken on its own (merits), but I often recommend the combination of:


... if viable, for the first 1 to 3 months (at least, and depending on health situation). If not, they work wonders on their own, anyway.

Why this combination?

The first step to healing is often detox. With natural products, that's what normally occurs first - the clean body, especially the intestines and colon where most of the nutrients are absorbed, will benefit more from supplements.

As Super Lutein and Izumio are natural products, they will naturally take this course.

After the detox, comes the healing! A cleansed body can potentially experience exponential healing, if done in the right way.

So, by combining, in the first 1-3 months (at least):

  • Izumio - a powerful antioxidant, that can also help accelerate detox.
  • Super Lutein - a powerful multi-antioxidants supplement, that can help detoxing, as well, and it also contains other nutrients.

And When Taken In combination with Super Lutein...

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