How to Consume?

Consumption Recommendations

After the receiving the product(s), the question that you my have might be... "how to consume?".

Below are some notes I put together ... and hopefully this will be of help to you.

Sometimes when I buy a supplement, although it has recommended dosage written on the bottle, I do wonder if I can use, or consume, it different from the recommendation...but, that's just me. ;-)

Anyway, I shall share with you what I know of Naturally Plus's products' (general) consumption guide...

But please remember, this is just a (rough?) guide and it may or not be suitable for you depending on your health situation. This is purely informative, and if in doubt, always check with your health professional.

Super Lutein and Izumio

Dose :

  • The recommended dose is 3 capsules of Super Lutein with one pack of Izumio
  • Maximum Super Lutein is 6 -  do NOT exceed this amount as Super Lutein has beta-carotene (pre-cusor of Vitamin A). However, there are articles to say that pre-cusors do not have the same effect as Vitamin A, and therefore, it is safe to take more than 6.

(Side Note : there are members who were in the critical stages of their illness when they discovered Naturally Plus' products, taking higher dosage (per the testimonials) helped them overcome their respective illnesses in those critical times. I am not suggesting that you try this, but I am only passing on experiences of others.)

A couple extra notes on Izumio:

  • Izumio water once opened, is best consumed immediately, as Hydrogen is not a stable gas, and will "escape" if left lying around for awhile - and hence, loose potency of the water. 
  • Izumio can be taken with any medication or supplement you are on (per Naturally Plus' brochure)
  • Recommendation - folks who signed up for the 1+6 package - where in Month1 - get one bottle free (therefore, in Month 1, there will be 2 boxes of Izumio) - other members have suggested to take double the recommended dose for faster results in first month - that is, two packs per day.

When to take :

  • based on the brochure, Super Lutein can be taken anytime
  • However, based on "Chinese beliefs" best taken with food. Then there is also another opinion that medicine (conventional, or herbal) is best taken on empty stomach for better absorption.
  • I take it with / without food.
  • Whether you take Super Lutein with/without food, best to take in the morning or afternoon, as taking at night might cause difficulty in getting to sleep for some (Super Lutein can make one energetic, for some).
  • However, for some, it actually improves the quality of sleep (me including).
  • Hence, I will leave it with you on when is the best time of day to consume, for you.
  • I suggest that you try it out yourself - otherwise just go with the brochure's recommendation: 3 capsules, any time of day.


With most natural health and food supplement, detox is almost inevitable. Detox is a form of healing - actually, the first step towards healing.

Notes on Detox - please read also the article on "How Your Body Might Respond to Naturally Plus' Products"

Beauty Care - Other Fun Things you can do with the Izumio

This section is for those of you who wants to take Izumio for beauty care purposes.

By taking Super Lutein and Izumio, it will naturally help the beauty department (once you are healthy inside, the outside will show), and these steps below are optional.

When consuming Izumio, leave a a small amount in the pack (remember to replace the top back tightly, otherwise you will lose the Hydrogen unnecessarily faster :

  • either just use it to pat all over face and neck (and back of neck), or use it to soak cotton wool/paper face mask, and put the wet cotton wool/paper face mask on face.
  • I recommend to  use only organic non bleached cotton wool/paper face mask. Otherwise, you will end up putting other chemicals on the face.
  • if just patting all over face and neck, wait till dry before applying face cream/beauty routine.
  • if using cotton wool/paper face mask, leave for a while (min 15 mins for better results), and then remove cotton wool/paper face mask, and wait till face is dried before applying face cream/beauty routine
  • since Izumio should be consumed as soon as it is opened, it is suggested that you time when you wash your face with the time you consume, so that you can immediately apply Izumio after washing. (Izumio once opened, should be consumed within the hour, as the Hydrogen can "escape" through the mouth piece, even when it is tightly secured. Hydrogen is afterall the smallest known atom today).

Journalize Your Progress

Take notes! Monitor your health journey!

If possible, take notes of your "experiences", and please let us know, so we can share your experiences with new members - just like other members have shared their experiences.

Hope the above information is helpful. Any other questions, do contact us.


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Please consult your physician, or other qualified health professional, before taking supplements of any kind.

See also our Disclaimer.

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