How Your Body Will Respond to Naturally Plus' Supplements

Symptoms of Healing Reactions

  • When you begin to consume  natural foods/supplements, your body may go through a detoxification process.
  • Detox symptoms may, or may not be obvious - it all depends on how one's body deals with natural "food" in the system, how toxic the body is to begin with, how efficient/inefficient the body's "waste elimination system" is, the general health of the body, etc.
  • Depending on how "toxic" one's body system is, the period of detox will vary - the more toxic  and/or the more inefficient the body's "waste elimination system" is, the longer the detox period.
  • Detox might also be delayed as the body "adjust" to intake of healthy nourishment.
  • Sometimes what is perceived as "healthy" body/person is not necessary an indication of the actual health . As the saying goes, chronic illnesses do not happen overnight. We really don't know what's lurking inside the body but we can definitely help it along by aiding the elimination of toxins from the body. Thereby, allowing it to heal itself better.

Some detox symptoms...

Some symptoms of detox (from a book I read) :

  • Headaches - more likely for folks who drink alcohol / caffeine
  • Constipation - due to change in "diet"
  • Fatigue / lethargy - as you body is trying to kick start into action
  • Aches and pain and/or nauseous - results of toxin entering blood stream
  • Irritability - result of toxin affecting brain and nervous system (so all the more reason to drink more water when we are detoxing)
  • Darkly colored urine - signs of toxin being removed through urine
  • Loose bowels  - positive sign that body is clearing out waste
  • rashes / spots on skin - expel toxin via skin
  • runny nose and other discharge (I find drinking hot/warm water/green tea helps to reduce this symptom)

Or, it could be as subtle as:

  • poo/fart more smelly than usual (sign that colon is clearing aged old stuff that has been there for years. Even if we go to toilet regularly, we don't usually clear 100% - some still get stuck and accumulates through the years. Hence, it needs to be cleared out. I have read that 2/3 of immunity cells are in the intestines and if we are able to keep our intestines and colons clean we help our immunity system and our absorption of nutrients for good health))
  • feel more fresh and energetic upon waking in the mornings
  • better sleep at night
  • ear canal itch

While all the above can make one uncomfortable, but on the positive note, your body is doing a "house cleansing".

As I always say "better toxins OUT, than in"!

If you experience detox symptoms...

You can either :

i) reduce the amount of Super Lutein - to 2 or 1 capsules  (and/or, reduce your Izumio to one pack every other day)

  • if you chose to reduce amount of Super Lutein/Izumio, the detox period will likely be prolonged.


ii) stay with the recommended dosage of 3 capsules of Super Lutein/1 pack of Izumio per day. That is, bear with the symptoms, and soldier on, for a faster detox...BUT remember know your tolerance level!

Whichever options you choose above, or any other options which you think will work for you, you can also do any or all of the following to reduce symptoms of detox :

  • drink lots more water than usual (preferably "good" water)
  • drink green tea (preferably organic)
  • drink lemon juice
  • take Ester-C (this is my preferred Vit C)
  • sleep / rest more, if possible - as your body needs energy to detox properly. If one is awake and/or eating, energy will generally be directed towards these activities first and technically speaking, less energy used for the detox/healing process. This is why rest is often recommended when one is unwell.
  • (any other means you know to reduce symptoms of detoxing)

Sometimes detox can be a delayed reaction...

  • Detox can also happen later .. reason is that sometimes the product(s) will need some time to "remove" the left over/residual drugs/toxins in the body (lungs, organs, etc) esp if one had been on long term use.
  • Sometimes these left over/residual drugs/toxins in the body will need some time to be "scraped off" (you know after such a long time left in the body).
  • Once these "left over"/residual drugs are "loosen" they will need to then be removed from the body --- and that's when you can actually experience the detox symptoms for this ...
  • At which stage, the liver (or any detox organ/outlet) might suddenly becomes overloaded ---
  • How much overloading will depend on  how much residual gets "loosen up" and detoxed at the same time ...  --- which in turn, is dependent on how much residual left in body and for how long, how much Super Lutein and/or Izumio is consumed, what's the condition of your detox system (i.e. liver, skin, colon, etc)  ...
  • Possible detox symptoms is as above, and one thing to look out for is that "poo" and/or "sweat" might smell if detox is occurring ...  putting on weight is also a sign of detox or rather the body's inability to cope with toxins overload the liver is overloaded and can't cope with processing the "usual" volume of toxins on top of all these "old" residual stuff ...

Always know your tolerance level!

In any case, for any detox program, some, or all of the above, will happen.

You must monitor and ensure the healing/detox is progressing, and take the necessary steps to reduce the symptoms, if it becomes uncomfortable.

Seek Medical Help at any time, if it becomes necessary.


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