Izumio As a Beauty Product

Independent Tests Done on Izumio, by persons with interest

Interested Male...just being curious

  • These hands belongs to a 42 year old man.
  • Izumio was applied to the hand on the left, and covered with Cling wrap.
  • After 10 minutes, skin on the hand "treated" with Izumio looks smoother ad less wrinkled.

We have here a pair of man's hands... if it can happen to a man, it will happen to a woman...a woman's skin is thinner, and will be easier for the Hydrogen to penetrate. In any case, Hydrogen atoms are so small they can penetrate anything!

Interested male's...Crowning Glory

  • This male consumer suffered hair loss.
  • Consumed Izumio, and used Izumio to treat bald spot
  • Applied Izumio and Cling wrap over bald spot.
  • This treatment was diligently done over months.

One factor for hair loss is due to root of hair "dying" whether due to age or stress or chemical (including chemicals in shampoos).

Izumio's Use as Facial Treatments

STEP 1 : Drink

STEP 2: With a little leftover in the pack, use it for your facial mask.

STEP 3: (Optional) with a little leftover, use it to replenish the mask, if and when the mask gets drier than you like it to  be.

Alternative Method:

And if you are lazy like me, I just pat the remainder (after I have drank from the pack) on to my clean face.

Interested ladies...testing with masks.

  • Using facial masks and cotton pads (preferably, both are bleach free/non-chemical).
  • Mask and/or cotton pads are first soaked in Izumio.
  • Then used to cover over clean face.

About the pictures...

  • The middle lot of photos - the experiment was over 30 minutes. The face is noticeably smoother and brighter in just 30 minutes
  • In the bottom lot of photos, the experiment was 2 applications, consecutively days. The results also show an improvement of facial skin conditions.

Similar tests are demonstrated at seminars. Time and time again, the results do show improved facial conditions.

However, if you are considering applying only one or two applications, the results cannot be maintained, as we are constantly bombarded by Free Radicals.

Unless we live in a Shangri-la like state, we will be constantly subjected to the damaging effects of Free Radicals.

The good news is...through long term consumption and use of Naturally Plus' products, these improvements can be maintained! Naturally Plus' antioxidants products will act to counter these effects of these damaging Free Radicals.

Beauty Care in the Comfort of Your Home

There is no doubt that be pampered at the beauty salons is desired by many women. Which woman would not love that?

The rub, the scrub...and we feel like a brand new woman when we walk out of the salon.

And if you live in Japan, there are over 10,000 salons that use Naturally Plus' Izumio as their beauty product treatment. No scrubbing and rubbing, but you still fell like a brand new woman!

With Izumio, the Hydrogen will rejuvenate your cells. So, this is skin care down to the cellular level!

But reality, is how many of us can afford the time and the money to do go to the salon on a regular, or daily basis? (yeah...that would be nice...!)

Our next best alternative is home beauty care! Women still want to look good, right? If we can't do it at the salon, we can do it at home...providing it's easy to do?

Another good news!!!

Consuming Naturally Plus products and using the products for beauty treatment can be done in the convenience of your home!

Drink for health and use the rest for beauty care! A two-in-one solution for the busy person of today!

Let me work out some math for you, too. Price of one months consumption and use of Izumio, is probably equal to one or two facial treatments only! What more, facial treatments benefits can also wear off, and it does not improve overall well-being.

But with Izumio, you get beauty treatments, plus good health, too!


Interested Gran...just curious

And Gran here, proved that it can be done effectively in the comfort of home! And age is of no concern!

  • A 93 year old grandmother used the products for 3 months.
  • She consumed Izumio, and used Izumio as facial mask, diligently for 3 months.
  • Check it out yourself ... the improvements !!!

One Happy Gran!

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