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Health is Wealth and Health is Living

If you have read my short bio, I mentioned that I have  personally seen great results, within 2 weeks of trying Naturally Plus products. My wish is to spread the good news and give others the opportunity to benefit from these products, too!

Having been a proponent of alternative health and natural medicine for many years, and consumed various products in the past, I truly believe Naturally Plus stands apart, based on the results that I have experienced and seen, and the underlying philosophy of the company.

The testimonials are most encouraging --- and which you can read in the “Testimonials” pages.

For my own health issues, I had through the years, taken and tried many products – and before Naturally Plus, my daily supplements intake is by the handfuls – one for morning and one for night. They definitely have kept my health issues under control for a long time, and helped me sustained for so long, but sustaining is not enough for me. I wanted to heal for good !

And I was also looking for a simple formula to replace the  variety of supplements that I was taking daily ... and growing weary about taking handfuls of supplements daily for rest of my life.

And I found this Simple Formula, but Effective Products, from Naturally Plus:

1)   Only 2 health products / supplements to take daily – one of them is even considered a food supplement (in addition to being a health supplement!) Food being something we need to take daily.

2)  Simplicity of the product – recommended for health maintenance is 3 (small) capsules plus one pack (200ml, which is approximately a glass of water)  of hydrogen rich water.

3)   Taken ONCE a day

4)   Anytime of day !

And it can be either the capsules or the water  --- but it’s highly recommended to take both products as they complement each other.

Good Health is certainly within reach !!!

Spreading the Good News...

I was promoting the benefits of Naturally Plus products on a one-to-one, or one to small group basis. While it was encouraging, but the reach is not wide and fast enough to spread the good words on these products.

So, I have decided to set up this website so that I can reach out to as many people as possible. Co-incidentally, Naturally Plus has also decided to spread its reach wider and faster … through a hub set up in Hong Kong to provide global support. I will tell you more about this … in the web pages … please click through the various menus/pages (on the top left) to learn more on how Naturally Plus can help you to :

  • Regain your health!
  • Maintain your health and prevent health issues (Preventative Strategy)!
  • At the same time, how we can as a Community consume these products for Free! (Yes, Free! consumption is indeed very possible with Naturally Plus!)
  • And if you want to (only if you want to) built an income stream from these natural products!

"Free" and "Income" ... Music to the Ears ...

Just a few words on consuming for free and building the income stream ....

Naturally Plus is, after all, a MLM/Direct Sales/Network Marketing company, I prefer to be upfront about this. But unlike other MLM/Direct Sales/Network Marketing Organizations, there is absolutely no required monthly targets to meet. Many of its members are pure consumers, without any business aim --- and may have been able to consume the products for free, and a small number have become accidental millionaires, by just being that - a "non-business intending" consumer!

Hence, I prefer to call Naturally Plus a membership organization. That's how Naturally Plus had, from the beginning of time, decided as its path to distribute/sell its (award-winning!) products.

And, unlike other MLM/Direct Sales/Network Marketing company, it has a hybrid reward or bonus system which makes both these 2 financial targets achievable!!! That is, whether you just want to consume for free or built an income stream.

If you are concern about MLM/Network Marketing ... I can truly emphatize ... I, too, was concerned when I was first introduced to Naturally Plus. But when I saw the results it had on the person who introduced it to me, in a short 5 months! I was "sold"!

Truly, if you are concern that Naturally Plus is a MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales organization, I urge you to over pass their organization set-up and look to their products, testified by over 2 Million consumers. And unlike other MLMs, Naturally Plus as a company do NOT impose any have sales target on its members, so you can just be another consumer of their great products, if that's what you would like to do.

Most MLMs are legitimate companies, and Naturally Plus is one of them, having been around since 1999, and growing from strength to strength.

Naturally Plus Hybrid Binary Reward System truly promotes teamwork and it's works on depth/vertical hierarchical growth rather than horizontal spread, which some conventional MLM/Direct Sales/Network Marketing companies adopt.

This vertical structure which consist only of 2 legs/lines per each member ensuring that as each member grows, it helps one another whether you are a upline or a downline. This teamwork ability of this structure is what makes the financial rewards achievable for ALL in the same Group.

Therefore, my thoughts were :

  • I believe in the products (sharing the testimonials with you - my own testimony and the testimonies from over 2 Million consumers!)
  • The products can be made affordable through co-operative teamwork -- and a Community is formed for that reason
  • This teamwork can help many individuals to achieve an income stream  -- as this Community grows
  • And this will help many folks to achieve a healthy life and a comfortable life, in the least -- that is the aim of forming this Community

For this to work, I need to set up a Community environment where I can bring together people who shares a common vision of --

"Aspiring to lead a  healthy life style, sustained by an income stream,  based on products they believe in."

Healthy, Wealth, Living!

Community of Like-Minded Healthy Individuals...

Now, I know I am a stranger to some of you now. I hope as you get to know me I will earn your trust.

I have set up as a vehicle for me to advocate the Naturally Plus products. (By the way, is not part of the  Naturally Plus company. )

The internet will also allow folks in the Community to confer together to share ideas and thoughts --- so that we will journey this not alone but with a band of people with same spirit and hope for our health, wealth and living.

Naturally Plus is a  a trusted company -- rapidly expanding now -- and with products with solid reputations, testified by the business awards and endorsements, but more importantly by its 1.8 Million members today and increasing at a rapid rate as Naturally Plus goes global.

I kindly invite you to  read the information in this website, and if you believe that these products could possibly be of benefit to you health wise and/or that it could provide you with the income stream via this Community, then please join us.

I wish to invite and encourage as many people as possible on this road to good health (or, a healthier you, if you believe that you are already healthy - and that's great way to start, too!) and to a good income stream based on a worthy cause.

The Ultimate Vision...


My Ultimate Dream is to be able to extend this Community to the under privileged of the world.

When this Community is proven successful, it can help millions who would not have access to health care and/or to have the options of preventative medicine. And in the case of Super Lutein, a Food supplement, as well, providing the nutrition so badly lacking in some parts of the world --- giving access to a good nutrition, if not a better, healthier life!!! ...for those in need!!!

RELiEF the Health System, and SAVE the Animals

In the big picture, if health can be achieved extensively, through preventative medicine, there will be :

  • less stress on the health system!
  • less need to subject animals to cruel testings, in the name of human health!

The ultimate health aim, after all, is Live Long and Live Well !!!

Remember, I don't own these products, I just want to provide the means to bring like-minded people together, to achieve a healthier life!!! ... and a wealthier one, too!!!

I know many people can do what I am doing -- that's true... but I wish also to share many thoughts I have on health and supplement information, that I have acquired through over 15 years of my own research and experience, and equally as important, how we can achieve the income stream together.

Money is not an evil commodity at all. It took almost 50 years of my life to come to that realization - unfortunately!

With money, the community can help those less fortunate, and hopefully, be able to help them come on board this community, and then we can help some more! You see, the snow-ball effect can be powerful and global reaching.

As the saying goes ... "the journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step", and my dream is that the journey to reach many can be made possible  through this Community!

Live Long and Live Well !!!

... and announcing the Website ...

We intend to use this website to tell you about :

1)   Naturally Plus, the innovative health supplement company – so you know whom you are dealing with.

2)   Naturally Plus' products

3)   The Marketing Scheme --- now don’t let this turn you off as it first did me … the marketing scheme is really simple, even if you don’t have a business mind set or business intention for these products. Spare me a few minutes and have a look through...and your might just be bowled over on its simplicity.

4)   The Testimonials --- while this is short and sweet at the moment, we will add on as more and more folks are prepared to help others with their experience. And when you yourself discover what the products can do for you, you might want to help others, too  … look forward to having you on the list !

Plus, great reasons to join Naturally Plus!

And of course ...  how to join!

There is also ...

... The Community

 Be a part of this community!!!

Join Us Now!!!

... as we support each other in our journey to Health  ... and not forgetting Wealth, too! This Community section is for members who have signed up under myself or, any of my downlines.

In this section, we will provide :

  • additional information to help you along, after you have become a member of Naturally Plus,
  • helpful administrative information for members of Naturally Plus.
  • and, many shoulders to lean on as we embark on this wondrous journey together!

Let your journey to Healthy Wealthy Living begins …

PS - Always remember that whatever health products (conventional or alternative) you take or use, and if symptoms persist, you MUST seek professional advise. Of course, find a good health professional …

Caveat: The information provided in this website is based on information  to the best of the author’s knowledge and information provided by others, to the best of the author’s knowledge. (See also our Disclaimer statement)

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