Super Lutein MirtoPlus, Super Lutein and more...

After 5 generations, or 4 enhancements, of Super Lutein, in more than 10 years after its launch, Naturally Plus decided to re-create Super Lutein in a new product.

Super Lutein is still the all time best seller, and the trusted product it has always been ... but why not a create a new product from Super Lutein?... for some who wants that bit more.

And so, it gave birth to Super Lutein MirtoPlus ...adding a patented ingredient, Mirtogenol, which comprises two new ingredients:

  • Pycnogenol - the famous marine bark nutrient
  • Mirtoselect - a unique bilberry extract produced from Indena, Italy.

Super Lutein + Mirtogenol = Super Lutein MirtoPlus

To find out more on this product:

Term of endearment - it's known simply as "MirtoPlus" to its fans.



Super Lutein MirtoPlus (Vegetarian), the Vegetarians Friendly Version

Mirtoplus (Vegetarian)

Term of endearment - known simply as MirtoPlus Veg, to its fan.

Replaced with Vege capsules and Seed Oils, instead of fish oils, to make this vegetarians friendly version, free of animal products.

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