Naturally Plus Adopts a Hybrid Version of the Binary System

In the world of Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM), there are a number of different marketing schemes (sometimes, referred to as "marketing plans", or "marketing systems", or "marketing structure").

These marketing schemes, or plans, or systems, or structures, refer to the way the compensation or "bonus" system works - that is how members are paid for their selling the company's products.

The more common examples of the systems:

  • Binary System - where each member only has two "branches"/"legs"/"lines"
  • Military System - where each member can have multiple "branches"/"legs"/"lines"
  • Sun Ray - - where each member can have multiple "branches"/"legs"/"lines"

Simple illustration of the Binary System

Source: Wikipedia

In the MLM binary structure, each individual/member has only two "branches"/"legs"/"lines". Generally speaking, each individual will receive compensation for sales of the individuals under him/her. However, how, how much and when each individual will receive the compensation, will likely differ for each MLM company.

Naturally Plus follows a Hybrid form of the Binary System.

  • In Naturally Plus' Hybrid System, it follows a Matrix system where there is a defined process of placement of new members in the group - defined by a set of pre-determined rules. However, this automated allocation applies only IF no specified position has been requested - that is, this automated positioning can be over-written by requesting for a specific positioning.
  • Day Cycle bonus is the lowest denomination of Naturally Plus' Hybrid Binary Bonus Points entitlement's computation. For example, a sale of a product will earn points - such as, a sale of a bottle of Super Lutein earns 10,000 Day Cycle Bonus points.
  • Day Cycle Bonus Points earned, translates as same points through to top of hierarchy.  That is, it does not get watered down. For example : When a member purchase a bottle of Super Lutein, this generates 10,000 points for the person positioned above this member, and for ALL members above in the same Branch/Line/Leg -- each member along this Branch/Line/Leg\ gets 10,000 points.
  • Bonus entitlements will be computed each time when the Lines/Legs are balanced and when a Tier is achieved, or when the different types of Bonuses are achieved.
  • Bonuses will be processed and paid out, based on Naturally Plus' scheduled timings.

A simple illustration of "Balanced" "branches"/"legs"/"lines"

Illustration : Member "U" Left and Right Lines /Legs. In this instance, the Left and Right Lines /Legs are "Balanced"

Each Member has TWO (2) Lines/Legs

  • Left


  • Right

For Day Cycle Bonus entitlements, BOTH Branches/Lines/Legs must be “balanced”.

Please note, as this is only a simplified illustration, the Left and Right Branches/Lines/Legs of "U"'s downlines are not shown here.

A simple illustration of "Un-Balanced" "branches"/"legs"/"lines"

If the Left and Right Lines/Legs are not balanced, Day Cycle Bonus entitlement's computation will be based Branch/Line/Leg with on the lesser points.

In this example, bonus computation is based on the Left Branch/Line/Leg, i.e. of the lesser points. However, the "excess" points accrued on the Right, will not be lost as long as the certain conditions for Day Cycle Bonus are met, or maintained.

Side Note: As conditions may change from time to time, please refer to Naturally Plus for latest conditions.

And Simply Cos It's A Binary System ... there's the "Common" Leg

For the simple fact that each member has only two Branches/Lines/Legs, there will exist common Branches/Lines/Legs amongst members of a group.

In this simple illustration, the red line on the Left indicates one common Branch/Line/Leg, while the green line indicates another common Branch/Line/Leg. There are also other common Branches/Lines/Legs in this illustration (not colored)... can you spot them?

Side Note:  As this is a simple illustration, "binary" structures are not shown in the "bubble" sub-Groups. Number in bubble are just indication of the number of members within a sub-Group. The different colored bubbles are just to illustrate/represent different sub-groups.

Common Legs Create Community Spirit, Led by the Person at the Top

  • As mentioned above, each member has only two Branches/Lines/Legs
  • To earn the Day Cycle Bonus, each member has to balance their own structure - i.e. Left and Right balancing, by positioning new members under them - whether this balancing is done by member themselves by specifying positions of new members under them, or have the system allocate the positions.
  • Due to these 2 points, new members are positioned Right or Left to balance the structure.
  • And as each member has only two Branches/Lines/Legs, there are "common" or "shared" Branches/Lines/Legs, by default.
  • As the process of balancing must happen in order to earn the Day Cycle Bonus entitlements, the "common" Branch/Line/Leg shared within each line of Common Branch/Line/Leg will inevitably be extended. As it extends, it will add bonus points for ALL members on that Common Leg. This is how Members will be able to help each other out!
  • Additionally, Upline (Person at the Top) can also add new members to both Common and non-Common Legs, as long it's within the Group or Structure of the Upline ( i.e. anywhere within the Downline in the Group)

As the Group Grows...and Grows...

Because of the Binary System, each member has only two Branches/Lines/Legs. And as the Group Grows, there is a natural tendency for the members within the Group to support each other:

  • As "U" (in the illustration above) adds new members, new members will be added to Downlines's sub-groups, and also to Upline's growth
  • As Downlines grow, this will also grow "U" group
  • As Upline grows, it will also add people under "U" as well as "U" Downlines

This community spirit is inevitable, due to the fact that  within each group or subgroup, they will share one common Line/Leg - be it the Right or Left.

Bottom Line...
A Win-Win-Win System!

This is a Win-WIn-Win system !
Win for yourself !
Win for your Downlines !
Win for your Group !

Whether you choose to just consumer Naturally Plus' products for FREE, or  you would like to build a business... either case, is just fine!

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