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At 81, almost lost his vision - but with Luck on his side, he Discovered Super Lutein and Izumio!

Mr. Oh suffered from high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and was also diabetic - resultant of an unhealthy lifestyle. As his health deteriorated, he was further diagnosed with glaucoma and cataract. He under went  laser surgery for cataract and glaucoma, but unfortunately, for 36 days afterwards, he experienced loss of vision.

Super Lutein and Izumio enabled him to regain his eyesight, and as a surprise bonus to him, reduced his  cholesterol, too!

Discovering Naturally Plus, , his health and eye conditions improved significantly. Mr Oh was 81 at the time he filmed this video in 2011. Even his doctor commented that he is as healthy as that of 31 years old!

Dosage (to help his eyes' recovery):

  • Super Lutein - 5 capsules 3 times a day
  • Izumio - 1 packet 3 times a day

Glaucoma Be Gone! Astigmatism Be Gone! Cataract Be Gone! ... the Magic of Super Lutein and Izumio!

Mr Raymond Chung was diagnosed with Glaucoma in September 2008 - with only 20% vision in his left eye and 30% vision in his right eye. Doctor estimated that he would be blind within the next 5 years and that there would only be a small chance of his condition improving.

As fate would have it, he discovered Super Lutein. After a few months' consumption, he felt improvement in his eyes - to a point, one day, he was able to read newspaper again! In the following fortnightly eye check appointment, he told his eye doctor that his vision was better, but, of course, the doctor didn’t believe him. Putting him through further tests, the doctor had to admit that indeed his eyesight had improved!!!

And his fortnightly appointments was immediately rescheduled for 3 months later. It was at this visit, 3 months later, that his eye specialist confirmed that his eye pressure had dropped to the safe range of 12-14.

And that was the last time needed to visit the specialist for his eye problems!

Now,  he talks Naturally Plus with anyone - another self-proclaimed ambassador!

Burst Eye Blood Vessel Amazingly Healed!

Member suffered from burst blood vessel in her eyes for 9 years. Her doctor told her that if her condition continued to worsen, she would eventually become blind.  The Malaysian government had even issued her a disability Identification Card - for her near blindness condition.

She used to experience severe pain in the eyes during the night. The doctor had also warned that her eye condition could affect her kidney. She was introduced to Naturally Plus, and started taking 3 capsules of Super Lutein and 1 packet of Izumio daily. After consuming for some time, on one of her regular medical check up appointments, to her surprise, her doctor told her that both her eye and health conditions had improved.

With her improved conditions, she began to share her Naturally Plus' experience, and now, she is earning an income. In the past, due to her medical conditions, she was only getting a monthly disability allowance of RM300 (approximately US$100) from the government.

Glaucoma - Near Blindness for 8 Years! Regained Vision!

Member suffered from Glaucoma in both eyes and had undergone surgery. He had very little vision in his right eye sight for close to 8 years.

He was introduced to Super Lutein in 2011. He took 5 capsules 3 times a day after each meal. After a month, he saw improvement in his right eye. It started with some blurry vision, and slowly, he was able to see some colors.

During one of his medical check up appointments, his doctor was surprised to see that his eye pressure level was between 7-8. This was much better than most average persons, measuring at 15.

He now uses his experience to help others - and has helped many of his family members and friends in their health journey.

Eye Floaters Floated Away! (no pun intended)

Member was suffering from severe eye floaters syndrome. He was told his eye specialist that there was no cure, and that he had to live with it.  A friend of his  recommended Super Lutein to him. 

After consuming Super Lutein for one week, he realized that his flaoters had decreased, and two months later, there were almost no more floaters in his eyes.

Thrilled with his results, he started to tell others about it. In the above video, he told of a story of a friend who had an eye disorder, who was almost blind. He gave him a bottle of Super Lutein to try. Within a week, he received a call from this friend telling him that he is starting to see light - and bought a couple more bottles of him. This friend's eye sight improved tremendously, and is now back riding motorcycle.

Dry Eyes No More for her, and Improved Health for him!

“My name is Tony Chan and I am 47 years old. I had balloon angioplasty operation 5 years ago. After the surgery, I was mostly feeling extreme fatigue and weak. My brother, who had his eyesight improved after taking Super Lutein, recommended Super Lutein to me. After 2 months of consuming Super Lutein, I felt energized. I then recommended it to my wife who suffered from dry eyes and redness in her eyes. Her conditions were caused by burst eye capillaries. On doctor's recommendation, she had been using eye drops since 199 till 2010. After consuming Super Lutein for just 1 month, my wife has recovered from her dry eye condition. She no longer needs the eye drops. I sincerely thank Super Lutein for giving my wife and I our health back.”

83 Year-old's Long-termed Glaucoma and Cataract Gone!

Member experienced improvement in her health after consuming Super Lutein.

She then introduced the product to her 83 year-old mother. Her mother had been blind in the right eye for 32 years due to glaucoma, and her left eye blind from cataract for 21 years.

After consuming 11 bottles (3×3 capsules or 9 capsules daily) of Super Lutein, she eye conditions improved!!! ... to a point that she could even see the wrinkles on her husband’s face! ;-0 She has never lost her sense of humor, and now she has her eye sight back!

"Computer Eyes" Strain - Eyes Health Improved, and Bonus, General Health Improvement, too

The bonus the stock trader wasn't expecting, but very happy with. Member took Super Lutein for his eyes health - being a trader, daily staring at the computer led to eyes deterioration. Took Super Lutein and found that his eyes sight improved, and the unexpected bonus of general well being improved, too! - less lethargic, more energy, lower cholesterol, lower high blood pressure, and lower sugar level - a very healthy bonus, indeed!


  • 3 Super Lutein Capsules, daily

Member who had Aged Macular Degeneration (AMD)

  • Shimitzu-san was diagnosed with AMD
  • Consumed Super Lutein.
  • After a few months, condition improved.

The Case of Glaucoma - Eye Saved!

  • Inami-san was diagnosed with glaucoma
  • One of his eyes had already started to bleed. He almost lost this eye.
  • Took Super Lutein. Not only that the condition of his eyes improved tremendously, he managed to save his eye sight!

Growth in eyes (Pterygium/Pinguecula)


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