Naturally Plus' Products' Testimonials on Cancer Cure

Organs removed, but still leads a Healthy Life ...

  • By the time Masato Sakai-san discovered Naturally Plus, he had already undergone numerous surgeries, including removing both his colon and bladder, and huge amount of his intestines.
  • Doctors gave him the grim news of low survival rate; not surprising, with so many of his organs affected and some removed.
  • Soon after that, he discovered Super Lutein (at that time, there was only Super Lutein!).
  • Masato Sakai-san is still with us today, thankfully(!) - more than 15 years after he was told by his doctors the grim news of his health condition.
  • Not only that, he leads a healthy and wealthy life today!!! Travels frequently to promote Naturally Plus' products!!!

If people who don't know him meet him on the street, they would never guessed that this is a man who was given the "death sentence" more than 15 years ago! 

Today, he is an self-proclaimed ambassador for Naturally Plus!!!He is the living proof that Super Lutein not only helped him overcame his cancer, but continued to allow him to lead a healthy life!

Melanoma, Skin Cancer, Stage 3 - Now, Cancer Free

Mr. Benjamin Khoo, a USA member, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma. He underwent the first lot of chemotherapy - and like most chemo patients, he felt unwell and weak.

Before he was due for his second treatment, he was introduced to Super Lutein and Izumio. He took 9 capsules of Super Lutein and 2 packs of Izumio for the 10 days leading into his second treatment. He was even well enough to drive himself to and from the hospital after the second treatment.

He continued with the same regime for the rest of his chemo treatments.

He has recently been declared cancer free by his doctors. He feels blessed to have been introduced to Naturally Plus' products - and is now a healthy, energetic ambassador for Super Lutein and Izumio

Dosage during chemo:

  • 9 Super Lutein + 2 packs Izumio

Liver Cancer - scheduled for transplant - and liver healed, surgery no longer required!

In his own words ...

“I’m diagnosed with Liver cancer in 2009 and went through 2 operations altogether as my cancer has relapsed. By the 2nd time it relapsed, the doctor told me that an operation will not work and I will need a Liver Transplant. I was scheduled for Liver Transplant in June 2014.

Actually, one of my friend has constantly tried to persuade me to consume Super Lutein but each time I will take the supplements only for a short period of time, and stop eating thereafter. While waiting for my Liver Transplant, in December 2013, my friend again tried to persuade me to eat Super Lutein. I finally agreed and took them in large amount – 10 capsules day and night. Subsequently, I also started taking Izumio.

During May 2014, one month before my scheduled operation for Liver Transplant, the doctor recommended me to postpone the surgery since my cancer index has stabilized. Since then, my condition is stable and no further surgery is needed till date."

~ Michael Leong, Super Lutein / Izumio Testimonial


  • 10 Capsules Super Lutein, twice a day
  • Izumio was subsequently added to regime

Breast Cancer - Healed well after surgery

In her own words ..

“I was introduced to Super Lutein and Izumio during its first launch in Singapore in 2008 and started taking the product as I am over the age of 50. In September 2011, I was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer. The tumor was fast-growing and had to be removed. However during this period, I was also preparing for the 26th SEA Games, representing Singapore as a Bridge player together with my partner. I wasn’t sure if I was able to participate the event. I quickly proceeded with the surgery, and within 2 weeks, the tumour was removed. Even though it was a major surgery, there was no post implication.

The wound healed in just one week. I then went for the SEA Games and after a few weeks of competition, I clinched the Silver Medal. I began chemotherapy treatment after returning to Singapore. Apart from feeling a little discomfort for the first 3 days of treatment, I felt quite well overall. During the entire duration, I consumed 9 capsules of Super Lutein and 3 packets of Izumio each day. I switched to Mirtoplus after it was launched in Singapore and until today, whenever I go for check up every 4 months, the doctor said that my condition is stable. I believed that Super Lutein and Izumio has helped my body condition to improve quickly, which was why I was able to participate in the SEA Games.”

~ Ms. Tan Yoke Lan, Super Lutein / Izumio Testimonial"

Dosage during surgery:

  • 9 capsules of Super Lutein and 3 packets of Izumio each day

Breast Cancer - Final Stage

In her own words ...

“I am diagnosed with last stage Breast Cancer on 20 May 2010. My cancer cells spread to the lymph nodes, lungs, liver and head area. My stomach was very bloated and I was in a bad state of mind. Since then, I lost a lot of weight.

The doctor persuaded me to go for Chemotherapy but the dates for Chemotherapy was eventually postponed because my body was very weak.

Fortunately, I was recommended by my friend to try Super Lutein and Izumio. I consumed 2 capsules of Super Lutein every 2 hours (a total of 20 capsules a day) and 3 packets of Izumio every day. The doctor saw my health improving and allowed me to proceed with Chemotherapy.

Usually, a patient that goes through Chemotherapy will feel very weak after the session. But that didn’t happen to me. I was feeling fine and after a period of chemotherapy and consuming Super Lutein and Izumio, my cancer cell index has dropped from 313 to 20. I am still consuming the products even till today, with lesser dosage.”

~ Mdm Chong, 47 years old, Super Lutein / Izumio Testimonial

Dosage to bring her body back to healthy level for surgery:

  • 2 capsules of Super Lutein every 2 hours (a total of 20 capsules), per day
  • 3 packets of Izumio, per day

Breast Cancer - 3rd Stage

In Dec 2012, member was diagnosed with third stage breast cancer. She was very surprised because she had been very conscious about her health all her life. She had been taking other health supplements for more than 10 years, and never expected to fall sick, let alone be a cancer patient.

Her friend, who is a breast cancer survivor introduced her to Super Lutein and Izumio. She took about 4-5 packets of Izumio when she was undergoing chemotherapy and did not feel the side effects of chemotherapy at all. She was even playing games on her smart phone, while the other patients, who were also under going chemotherapy, around her were, unfortunately, throwing up or, looking and feeling sickly.

Her latest medical checkup showed that she is cancer free.

Dosage during chemo:

  • 4-5 packets of Izumio

Brain Cancer, Stage 4 - now, a healthy globe trotter

“My mother is a Brain Cancer stage 4 patient. The Doctor informed us that she can only live for 6 more months even with Chemotherapy.

However, she is still alive after 14 months. We are very thankful as Super Lutein and Izumio has helped her a lot while she was undergoing Chemotherapy. She felt minimal side effect as compared to others who had also gone through Chemotherapy.”

~ Mr. Anthony Leong, Super Lutein / Izumio Testimonial

Now, his mother goes globe trotting, and he hardly gets to see her!


  • Super Lutein – From 5 Capsules increased to 15 capsules, taken daily
  • Izumio – 3 to 4 packs Izumio, daily

Nasal Cancer

Sam Yong was diagnosed with third stage Nasal Cancer in 2010. When he under went his first Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy, but felt very weak and was not able to work. His weight dropped drastically from 77 kg to 50 kg. He tried many alternative therapies, such as traditional Chinese medicine, and other supplements but nothing worked for him.

His friend then introduced to Super Lutein and Izumio to him. After consuming the products, he felt more energetic. He was able to continue working as a photographer, throughout the rest of his  radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments.

Five years later (2015), doctors declared him healthy.

Prostate Cancer


  • first 3 days :      3 Izumio + 9 Capsules of Super Lutein
  • Subsequently: 4 Izumio + 12 Capsules of Super Lutein

Journal of One Member's Victory over Cancer

  • Lung Cancer Patient.
  • Diagnosed at late stage.
  • Took Super Lutein at high dosage - 2 capsules every 2 hours.
  • Within 2 months, cleared of cancer.

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