Euglena Gracilis, Ancient Micro-Algae, Good for Guts

No, I am not talking about Naturally Plus adding an archeological ingredients into its product. My apologies, if I gave you that impression with the headlines.

However, what I am trying to convey is that Euglena Gracilis, is said to have existed since (about) 500 Million years ago - give, or take. They have been around...just that no one uncovered its health use...till recent years - give, or take, when you start referencing time to 500 Million years, what's a couple of hundred years, even?!

Anyway, Euglena Gracilis is a type of micro-algae. However, though classified as a micro-algae, it has been also been classified as "part-animal" (if there is such a term). This is because while it is a technically a "plant" (algae), it can move like an animal.

Here's a picture of Euglena Garcilis. You will not be able to see it normally ... it's just too tiny...

Meet Euglena Garcilis

The part that is derived from this micro-algae, forms one of the main ingredient - or, maybe, the main ingredient - of Paramylon ARX, is the paramylon found in Euglena Gracilis.

So, what's the deal with paramylon? How does it help our intestines and colon?

You see, paramylon operates like fiber - cleaning the colon, as most fiber do.

But, the beauty of paramylon, which makes it very different from fiber, is that it has a sponge like texture, if you like, to first act as a fiber and secondly to absorb toxins (including heavy metal toxins) from the guts!

Hence, while it "sweeps" the colon, like fiber do, it absorps the toxins, too -- and both the waste and the toxins are disposed of, when we pass them all out - paramylon and all!

Sponge like structure in Paramylon

Another beauty of this little critter is that, while it has this fiber like material (paramylon), its fiber also do not have hard cellulose walls like other plant's fiber do.

Because of this, its nutrients can be easily metabolized (used by) by our bodies.

And to top it all, Euglena Gracilis has 59 types of nutrients! Talk about a plant full of nutrients ... oops, an animal full or nutrients... no, a plant ... no, an animal ... yes, of course! It's both plant and animal!

Thus, it has DHA and EPA, too!!! What we commonly call, fish oils!

How is that for a plant that comes with fish oil?!

Mother Nature knew we needed both for our health...and so, Euglena Gracilis was born 500 Million years ago! Bless Mother Nature!

Naturally Plus, true to its commitment, believing in enhancing its products... introduced a cultivated type of Euglena, which has 45% more paramylon - aptly called, Super Euglena.

Thus, the product now is called Paramylon ARX45.

  • 45% more paramylon!
  • 45% more nutrients!!
  • 45% more fiber aid!
  • 45% more toxins removal aid! the same price...

Other Main Ingredients of Paramylon ARX45

Other than paramylon, Paramylon ARX45 also contains:

  • Flora Peptide - friendly bacteria (pro-biotics) for the guts, but has a special coating to ensure its delivery to the intestines and colon where these friendly bacteria can do their work to breakdown nutrients for the body, and to breakdown the waste for "disposal".
Flora Peptide (above), Xylo-oligosaccharides (below)
  • Xylo-oligosaccharides - pre-biotic to help provide the right environment for these probiotics to thrive in.

Wholistic Product for the Guts

Now, how is that for a wholistic product?

  • fiber to help waste disposal
  • sponge like fiber to absorp toxins for disposal
  • pro-biotic
  • pre-biotic to support the pro-biotic

Ready to clean you guts out?

One more beautiful thing about this product is, as your guts are cleaned of waste, including toxins, the weight will naturally drop...

For a better shaped you, and  more importantly, a healthier you!

Buy Now!

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