Free Radicals - the Silent Killers

What are Free Radicals?

  • Free Radicals, if you have heard of them before, in general, has an infamous reputation.
  • I was surprised to learn that in fact we actually require them for some of our biological functions and it can even attack cancer cells. However, they have to be in small numbers to be of benefit to us.
  • In large numbers or in the form potent to us, it can definitely be our enemy number one. In these instances, they are the cause of many of our illnesses, especially the chronic illnesses (such as cancer, heart diseases, stroke, arthritis, etc), and also what cause us to age and to age prematurely.

Our Body Creates Free Radicals

  • Even the basic function of our existence, in the making of energy we produce free radicals. (Fact : We breathe in 50 liters of Oxygen daily, we create 11 liters of Free Radicals).
  • Effects of Free Radical on aging were uncovered in experiments to invent effective antidote to radiation poisoning. These experiments were spearheaded by the Father of Free Radical Theory of Aging, Dr. Denham Harman.
  • The fact that we breathe, we create Free Radicals in the process.
  • If all these Free Radicals are not contained and eliminated from our body, we simply age, and age prematurely, and our bodies will give way to diseases.

External Sources of Free Radicals

Environmental Pollutions

  • Harmful UV Rays
  • Ionizing Radiation
  • Pesticides
  • Polluted Water
  • Smoking
  • Lack of Nutrition

Psychological and Emotional

  • Stress
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Depression

How Free Radicals Cause Damage?

Free Radicals carry out these damaging activities :

  • Damage Cell membrane, by creating holes in the cell membranes causing cell leakage and the resultant chemical imbalance of the cells - in other words, causing cells to be dysfunctional. When dysfunctional cells multiply in the normal process of cells regeneration,  these multiplied dysfunctional cells will eventually  create an aging and /or a diseased body
  • Damage Cell membrane by hardening the Cells' membranes - again causing it to create dysfunctional "stiff" cells that caused the diseases like hardening of the arteries, organs, etc. In addition to these, the hardened cell membranes also prevent nutrients from getting to the cells, effectively starving the cells. Again, creating aging and / or diseased organs and body.
  • Damage the Hydrogen link of the DNA - causing cellular DNA damage which in turn causes cell to malfunction which eventually causes entire organs to malfunction or creating mutated forms of cells leading to tumors and cancers.

Example  - Aging :

  • Free Radicals attack the protein in collagen strands, weakening the collagen strand by strand. Over time the skin will sag (signs of aging).

Most diseases did not happened overnight. It can start with one "bad" cell which multiply through 2. 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 16, 16 into 32, 32 into 64, and so on until there are millions of bad (or damaged) cells. This multiplying effect is over time. When millions of bad cells double, and then it may become noticeable, we suddenly feel or see its effect - whether as a tumor, sagging skin, cancer, heart or other diseases, we then need to move to a "cure" strategy. Which is necessary to arrest further damage of the diseases.

The best form of health preservation is Prevention of diseases. Least costly to the individuals, and to society and the health care system, in the long run.

Prevention and preservation starts with you. Take action today, if you have not already.

Free Radicals are the Culprit in Almost All Known Diseases

And especially the so-called Modern Diseases caused by psychological pollutants (such as excessive stress) and environmental pollutants.

A few examples of its damaging rampage :

  • Cancer
  • Heart Diseases
  • Stroke
  • Kidney Diseases
  • Eye Diseases - Cataract, Macular Degeneration
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatism
  • Alzheimer's
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Multiple Scoliosis

Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases Do NOT Happen Overnight

  • Cancer and most chronic diseases (especially the so-called "modern diseases" like diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis, etc) do not start overnight.
  • They start with one bad cell that eventually divide through the natural biological process of cells division - that's how we continue to grow, like from when we first started in the womb. Except that it's the bad cells are dividing, instead of the healthy cells. Hence, we can grow "bad" cells when the environment is right for these "bad" cells to continue to divide and conquer - so to speak.
  • In huge enough numbers, these bad cells can also influence the neighboring healthy cells to turn bad. Thereby, adding to the increase in the numbers of bad cells, and the rate of bad cells production. Hence, it's a double whammy effect if these bad cells are allowed to proliferate enough.

Free Radicals Must Go !

These free radicals, whether from our natural biological functions, or induced from environment, must be eliminated from our system.

In natural environment, where there are no excessive stress, pollutants, toxic, etc, our intelligent body system, in general, is able to cope with the elimination of these free radicals. Add on stress, pollutants, toxic contaminants (food additives, pesticides, etc), even the super computers of the world would break down.

How We Can Help Our Precious Body

  • All is not lost, we can help our bodies control the amount of free radicals the body takes and to eliminate the excesses.
  • We need to eliminate the excess, reduce the unnecessary intake/creation of these free radicals and enhance the body's ability to cope with these excess (improve it's efficiency to eliminate these free radicals).
  • We can start by reducing the unnecessary intake/creation of these free radicals by eating healthy (reduce food additives, pollutants in water/air/ground that eventually lead into our water and food supply, quit smoking, etc).
  • We can allow our body proper rest and reduce stress levels.
  • We feed the body with proper nutrients to help it to become more efficient to eliminate these Free radicals.
  • Carotenoids, a type of anitoxidants, are one of the elements that will help, by both eliminating the free radicals, and at same time, help build the body to process the elimination.
  • Super Lutein is rich with carotenoids that will help eliminate the Free radicals as well as to help build a healthy body to better cope with and eliminate these Free Radicals.
  • Izumio, the Hydrogen rich drink, filled with Hydrogen which binds freely and efficiently with Free Radicals, preparing the Free Radicals for elimination from the body.

For more information on Super Lutein, please refer to

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