The Case for Fruits and Vegetables Consumption

Scientists around the world are researching the "fruits of longevity and health". Many researches have independently arrived at similar conclusions of the benefits of fruits and vegetable for health -- in particular, in the fight against cancer.

Cancer is not a modern day disease. Archeological findings suggested that cancer existed thousands of years ago. Cancer has just proliferated in numbers in "modern day" due to the increase in carcinogenic (cancer causing agents) substances we are subjected to ... daily.

Fruits and vegetables have been recommended to combat growing diseases, especially the modern day diseases, and also as a preventative solution.

  • In 1991, United States of America's "5 a Day" campaign promoted the intake of 5 portions of fruits and vegetables daily. In the 5 years, the cancer mortality rate and cancer formation rates both dropped every year.
  • British Medical Association also promoted fruits and vegetable daily intake for health
  • While research results may vary on the effects of fruits and vegetables on the different types and stages of cancer, they generally have similar conclusion on the benefits on deterrent and, reducing and elimination at early stages or of preventable cancers (estimated 60-70% of cancers can be prevented)
  • Many books today are written about the benefits of the fruits and vegetables (organic, that is) and the benefits of color coded fruits and vegetables to our health.

Why Fruits and Vegetables?  (organic, if possible)

Fruits and vegetables are :

  • Rich with nutrients that the body can readily use for growth, for healing, for prevention of diseases and for health maintenance.
  • Full of enzymes
  • Contains liquid to hydrate the body

Why Organic?

  • Firstly, scientific tests have proven than organic fruits and vegetables contains more nutrients than non-organic
  • Non organic produce contains harmful pesticides, hormones, artificial chemicals, etc which are harmful to the body, whereas organic produce are free of these harmful matters.
  • Harmful substance consumed must be eliminated from the body. For a toxic body, body will utilize certain nutrients for elimination, instate of using the nutrients for growth and keep body healthy. For the same amount of nutrients consumed, more can be used for health rather than waste elimination, then the body will benefit more. We can help our bodies by reducing or eliminating consumption of harmful substance.
  • Japanese Health Authority tracks nutrients in food -- showed that nutrients in food have been decreasing in the last 50 years. This is likely not unique to Japan, as the decrease in nutrients is due to intensive farming and use of chemicals, both unhealthy farming practices worldwide.
  • Chemicals used kills or stop microbes surviving in the soil.These microbes produces the nutrients/minerals for the plants. The absence of these microbes means the nutrients/minerals will also be absent from the plants/fruits/vegetables.

Food Today Does Not Contain the Same Nutrients As Food Yesterday

If not organic...

Technically speaking, if the produce consumed is not organic, there will still be nutrients. However, one will need to consume a larger volume of same produce to :

  • get the same amount of nutrients compared, to organic produce

to allow more nutrients in the body to eliminate the harmful substance. But as one consumes more non organic produce, more harmful substance will enter he body and in turn will need to consume more to obtain more nutrients -- a vicious cycle ?

In Summary ...

Best to just consume organic produce (properly certified), to obtain the  required nutrients for a healthy body.

Admittedly, organic produce costs more, but the health benefits will be more "pound for pound".

Well, if your think eating the required fruits and vegetables, daily, to get your nutrients, is quite a task for you, then you can consider food supplement.

May I recommend...Super Lutein.

3 Capsules, daily, will provide the recommended daily consumption of fruits and vegetables; the requirement advocated by health authorities.

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