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The Human Body ... an intelligent system

Ever wondered how the human body functions as a whole without us having to instruct it or guide it in any way ? There is no switch to turn it on and off, and it just functions day in and day out.

Well, whether efficiently or not, is another matter altogether.

The body, for the most part, is able to react to external shocks or stress, as a survival instinct. The whole system is built to thrive and survive.

It can even cleanse itself of natural contaminants, including toxins generated in the body from bodily functions such as breathing, biological oxidation (the making of energy), food digestion, etc.

It is, in fact, quite self-reliant. It thrives very well without our intervention but only its in natural environment. What then is this natural environment ? It would be similar or close to Shangrila - where the air is always clean and pure, the earth is clear of man-made contaminants, plants thrives in organic environment, stress free living ... you get the picture ...

World of Yesterday Vs Today's

And the world of yesterday, even just going back 50 years ago, we could probably call it close to natural environment. There probably are still some places like this on Earth, bar the clean air (as we share the same air everywhere in the world as air circulates globally, and for that matter, water in our oceans and seas).

Unfortunately, the majority of the world's population don't live in a place like this.

Today, due to the environment the majority of us live in, the body needs so much more help, just to survive, let alone thrive.

Today, we subject the body to :

  • Food and water pollutants - unnatural additives, drugs, excessive alcohol, smoking, etc
  • Environmental pollutants - electromagnetic waves, carbon dioxide, nuclear and other toxic waste, etc
  • Emotional Pollutants - stress, lack of sleep, etc

Today, the amount of unnatural substances it is subjected to, plus the lack of nutrients, do not allow the body to survive in healthy ways. As it struggles to survive, it cannot thrive.

Our bodies just were never made to cope with so much. It probably could evolve after several generations to eventually adapt to all these pollutants, but the rate of introduction of these pollutants is just too much and too fast, for our bodies to adjust within our individual lifespan.

So, how do we help the body to cope in the meantime, as it evolves and re-program itself to cater for all these additional waste it has to cope with, plus the lack of nutrients it's fed today. After all, it is a very intelligent system and it will evolve in time, but will it be able to catch up with the ever increasing garbage we continue to subject it to?

This is indeed a grim picture.

Proactively help our body ...

But, there are actions we can take today to begin to solve these challenges the body face. We can proactively intervene to help the body to:

  • Cleanse itself better (i.e. effectively and efficiently detox, get rid of those unhealthy substances, especially the unnatural substances)  so that it can continue to function in an increasingly contaminated environment
  • Consciously reduce the amount of pollutants we subject our bodies to, especially those within our control, so that it has lesser amounts of all these additional garbage to deal with. At the same time, consciously reduce the amount of pollutants we introduce into the environment. While the environment is a collective responsibility of many, we are in control of what we consume and we are definitely in control of what we introduce into the environment individually (but this is a topic for environmental health). Bearing in mind, what we introduce will come back to us in food, water and air, by reducing all the pollutants we introduce, we are in fact helping ourselves!
  • Allow it proper rest time as it is already overworking as it constantly adapt to increasing levels of contaminants
  • Last but not least, Feed it well!

Prevention means Empowerment

It's time we revisit that simple yet powerful and often overlooked adage ‘prevention is better than cure’, given the high cost of healthcare and the increasingly complex world we live in…

It is time we empower ourselves and take the first steps towards a healthy lifestyle, the natural way.

We all should aim for Long and Healthy Life, the natural way !

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