Membership and Accounts

Naturally Plus Member's Manual

The membership rules and regulations are set by Naturally Plus, and not by, nor any members within this comuunity.

While this website attempts to keep up to-date with the latest Membership rules and regulations ... there are times we may not be able to do so.

And as more and more salons are opened globally, there may or not be rules and regulations specific to certain countries.

As such, we recommend that while you can use information on this website as a guide, it is always best to check for the latest and greatest information from the latest membership manuals of your country of membership, and/or with the salon/hub where your membership is registered with.

Side Note does not publish full information on Membership. Please refer to the Naturally Plus' Member's Manuals and/or Country Salon/Global Hub for full information, and equally as important, the latest information on Membership.

Your Membership's Accounts

  • Each Member is allowed only ONE Membership/ Member ID, and will have account "BC001" (BC001 - generally known as "main account")
  • Each Membership is entitled to have multiple accounts.
  • The maximum number of accounts per Membership will depend on the country. In general, most country's salons allows up to 200 accounts per Membership.
  • These accounts are referred to as "Base Center" (BC) or or ECs. (ECs have been discontinued with for new memberships).
  • The first (main) account is referred to as BC001, and the second as BC002, etc... Occasionally, BC002 onwards may be referred to as "sub-accounts".
  • Each subsequent BC counts towards Sponsorship Performance.
  • The Maximum number of accounts allowed,  is NOT inclusive of cancelled BCs.
  • BCs MUST Be Created within Own Group Only (Downline levels only).
  • BCs "can be placed anywhere as long as within Member's group/downlines" - if placed directly under a member within a group, consent is required from that member.

Automatic Termination of Account

  • If within 3 months of registration, no Starter Pack product has been purchased, membership will be automatically cancelled.
  • If there is no Repeat product purchase (Monthly product purchase) within a year, an account will automatically will be cancelled.
  • IF BC001 (the first BC account) is cancelled, all BC accounts related to that BC001 will be terminated.

Cancellation of Points

Points will be totally nullified/cancelled under the following circumstances (for full list, please refer to Naturally Plus):

  • Termination of Account - whether by application by member or by automatic termination
  • Active Valid Period is not maintained.

Re-registration After Termination

  • Allowed only AFTER 6 months after cancellation/termination of last contract.
  • Cannot be re-assigned to previous position.

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