Some Important Definitions (to determine Bonus Validity) Explained:

Before I proceed to describe the Types of Bonus, I feel it's important to highlight some definitions. These definitions will affect bonus computations.

Registration Date

Per Naturally Plus' definition:
Registration date is the day membership application form has been submitted at the Salon, or the day Naturally Plus receives your application form by post, and registers your membership in Naturally Plus' computer system.

Therefore, Date of registration is as per date new member's data is first captured in Naturally Plus' database, and may not be when application form was submitted/received.

This is because, sometimes, there may be a delay between when application forms may have been submitted, and the time new member's data are captured in Naturally Plus' system.

Registered date is taken as the date new members' data is recorded and accepted into Naturally Plus' Database.

For example:

There might be times when there is a delay between the physical submission of forms and the actual recording (and confirmation) of new members' data has been logged into the system -- such as when the forms require further clarification as some information may not have been submitted correctly, or the credit card details provided could not be used to process the first purchase order, and so on. In these instances, Naturally Plus will endeavour to contact the new members (needless to say, clearly and correctly completed contact information are vital). Only once the clarifications are made, can Naturally Plus proceed to enter new member's data into the system. Once accepted and confirmed by the system, that registration is then recorded.

Hence, it is advisable to check with Naturally Plus' Office to ensure that membership has been registered.

Bonus' Validity Period begins on Registration Date

(Registration Date as defined above)

Sponsorship Performance

  • All bonus entitlements requires that member MUST sponsor at least one other account. Account can be one's own account (depending on country/hub of registration, each membership may be entitled to multiple accounts), or another member's account.
  • Some bonus entitlements' conditions requires more than one sponsorship.
  • Only Directly sponsored member will count towards Sponsorship Performance.
  • If sponsorship performance falls to 0, all accumulated points will be nullified.

Directly Sponsored Member

Member who is the direct sponsor of another member (1st Generation Downline).

Fixed Purchase Date

The Fixed Purchase Date of the subsequent months' (after registration) purchases determines the continuing Bonus Validity, after the Month of Registration.

  • Per Naturally Plus' definition :The monthly purchase dates for subsequent months after registration (month). For example -- if registration date is on Jan 11th, then Fixed Purchase Date will begin on the 11th of every month thereafter.
  • Fixed Purchase date cannot be changed
  • Fixed Purchase date determines start date and end date of Active Valid Period

Active Valid Period

  • Active membership/account simply means that products are purchased in that account for that month.
  • Active Valid period must be without interruption (i.e. no cancellation, suspension or the like within the valid period).

For the latest and most up to-date definitions, etc ...

While this website strives to provide the latest information, at times it may not be possible to align the information to Naturally Plus' updated information. As such, please do refer to Naturally Plus' Member's Manual and/or the Salons/Hub for the latest and most up to-date information, if need be.

Thank you for your understanding.

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