Global Business Testimonials

Accidental Millionaires

He was Only Looking To Consume Product For Free

  • Yamada san, birth 1933, now is 79 years old.
  • About 12 years ago, he suffered from byopia and cataract
  • After taking 3 bottles of Lutein, his cataract improved.
  • Since he was a gardener, he couldn't effort to pay RM410,so the friend who introduced Super Lutein to him, told him that by sponsoring 10 person, he can consume as free! So, he quickly sponsored 10 persons.
  • Now his income is RM300,000 (approx USD80,000) per month.

"From Bench to Benz" Journey of One Accidental Millionaire

  • Member, Taketa-san, Taketa san, birth 1949, now is 63 years old.
  • About 10 years ago, unfortunately, he was made homeless through the loss of his job and a big debt as well.
  • He was living in the park, sleeping on park benches.
  • When he was still working, he fortunately had introduced Super Lutein to one person Sukoa-san, who was a top sales lady in insurance.
  • During 6 months Taketa-san was homeless, Sukoa-san achieved "full house" in her bonus earnings (RM74,400/approx USD20,000 per month).
  • Being the sponsor of Sukoa-san and without doing anything, Taketa-san earned leadership bonus of RM18,600  (approx USD5,000) every month. With that he moved out of the park and back into a home of his own.
  • At that time, Taketa-san had only one member under him and whom he sponsored - Sukoa-san
  • Sukoa-san then convinced Taketa-san that if he found another member like herself, his Left and Right Line/ Legs structure would balance and his income would grow exponentially.
  • Determined, he found one other member.
  • With only 2 sponsored members - both strong business partners - Taketa-san's income grew exponentially.
  • After about 2 years, he was manage to pay off his debt, and also bought a Benz!!!
  • He, then, wrote a book on his journey "From Bench to Benz". (Benz is the affectionate nick name for Mercedes Benz cars in Asia)
  • True Story !

For the love of someone ...

To her with love ...

  • Kobayashi-san, birth year 1941, now is 71 years old.
  • Around 10 years ago, his wife had throat cancer, last (4th) stage. The cancer cell was approx 5~6cm, almost the same size as a ping-pong ball.
  • Doctor claimed she had only has 3 months to live.
  • He gave his wife Super Lutein, which she consumed 20~30 capsules per day, at this critical stage.
  • 3 months later, all the cancer cells had "disappeared"... not detectable.
  • Happily, she is with us today. He witnessed this real miracle happened to his own wife, with this is a fantastic product.
  • So, he decided to start the business with Naturally Plus.
  • He set his own target - to meet 3 persons everyday, else he won't go home. 
  • After working hard 1 year, he was manage to get his passive income, now his income is RM200,000 (approx USD53,000) per month.

Was only seeking a cure for his mother's eye ailment ...

  • Wang Hong Ming, birth 1978, now is 34 years old.
  • About 5 years ago, he was a top insurance salesman, his income is RM200,000 (approx USD53,000) per year.
  • He happened to attend a Naturally Plus seminar as he was seeking a good product for his mother's eyes. 
  • As it happened, the seminar was given by Ozawa-san (one of the top leaders in Naturally Plus). He was amazed by Ozawa-san's story.
  • After he meeting with Ozawa-san few times, only then, did he decide to do Naturally Plus on a full time basis.
  • After only 3 years, his group had more than 30,000 person.
  • His income was approx. USD53,000 per month, which was his yearly income when he was an insurance salesman.

Was only seeking a cure for his mother's arthritic hands ...

  • Masamichi Ozawa, birth 1968, now is 44 years old.
  • Before he started NP, he was a Top (No.1 title) leader in another Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company.
  • One of his friends approached him about Naturally Plus business.
  • He was more interested in the product,  Super Lutein as he was seeking a cure for his mother's arthritic hands - which was so bad, she could not hold a door handle.
  • When he saw improvement in his mother's condition, after taking the supplement, he considered doing this as a business.
  • He then spent 1 whole month, traveling around the whole Japan, visiting Naturally Plus' testimonees, listening to their real stories, including seeing their medical reports issued by their doctors.
  • He also went to visit all the successful persons in Naturally Plus, asking them to show him their income statements from Naturally Plus.
  • With all the evidence, only did he believed this to be the real passive income business.
  • And with that, he quit his previous MLM company, and crossed over to Naturally Plus; started from ground zero. This was indeed a big sacrifice as he was already the top sales person in the other company.
  • In his first month, made the equivalent of US$10,000.
  • After 3 years working hard, his income increased to approx US$53,000 per month.
  • Now his income is RM600,000 (USD159,000) per month.
  • In 2011, his group had become so large that the group was growing without needing his time input. He took time out to purse a law degree.
  • He has since graduated.
  • Passive income meant that he could pursue his other dreams!!!

Age Does Not Matter  !!! Centurions Earning Income !

The following are statistics of Naturally Plus's members, in Japan alone - in 2011 :

  • Hundreds of elderly aged above 60 earns USD24,000 per month
  • Many elderly aged 70 above earn USD9,000 per month
  • More than 30,000 members above 80 years old who still earn income
  • 3,000 odd members over 90 years old earning an income
  • 10 members over 100 years old earning an income from Naturally Plus

First In, Best Dressed

Advantages of being a "Pioneer" Member :

New Markets Present Most Opportunities

  • If you have been members of MLM companies before, you might notice that a lot the global high achievers started almost the same time as the company, some have been with company for as long as 30 to 40 years.It is usually those that I refer to as "pioneer" years that presents the most opportunities as the market is not yet matured with the products.
  • Naturally Plus is a new company and has only as recent as Jan 2012 launched globally.What better opportunities is it than NOW to join this new growing business !!!
  • The Global Market is your Oyster! Or even, just conquer your Local Market if Naturally Plus has yet to establish a Salon / Office there, will allow yourself to be one of those "Pioneer" members.
  • Be the First ! Be the "Pioneer" Member and you can have a pick at your Oysters!  (yes, "Oysters" in plural!)

Better Opportunities Entering a New Market with Proven Established Products

The other thing I noticed also is that most companies, the top earners typically takes about 10 years. In Naturally Plus, there are many top earners who achieved it within 3 years - an astounding records as the opportunities are plenty with a new market with well established proven products!

Range of Product Few, Easy Learning Curve

With Naturally Plus, the products are few, it's an easy learning curve allow new members to market as soon after becoming member. They can focus on improving marketing skills rather learning the products.In any case, the products are so effective, they market themselves

Join Us NOW!

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