Age Is But A State Of Mind ... and of the Body

What is aging? Aging is the degeneration of cells in the body. When the skin cells on the face degenerate, wrinkles appear. When the liver cells degenerate, we have a less than optimal functioning liver, and at worst, a diseased liver. An the same goes for the other parts of the body.

Aging is akin to the rusting of a nail. A nail degenerates and rust is the result.

While we may declare ourselves to be "young at heart" and still fool around doing "silly teenagers" stuff. The mind is young, no doubt, and this can be seen through behaviors. And that is perfectly ok - in fact, I always admire people who are "young at heart".

As for the body, it can't lie! If it suffered degeneration, it shows! And shows in many, many, many ways!

But is there hope?

Degenerative Diseases and Free Radicals

Scientists have agreed that many diseases are caused by degeneration of the cells. In line with this view, aging caused by degeneration, is a form of degenerative disease.

Aging has many symptoms - not just the wrinkles. Aging comes with many "old-age" related diseases. Although what is viewed as "old-age" diseases can happen in younger individuals -- hence, it is the rate of degeneration rather that the physical age itself, that accelerates the degenerative diseases.

The main culprit of degeneration is Free Radicals.

Free Radicals are what cause the nails to rust, the paint to peel, the colors of paint to fade, and the cells in the bodies to weaken and perform less than optimal, leading to diseases.

By the way, not all Free Radicals are bad guys. We, in fact, need some Free Radicals for our survival, but to-date, there are only a handful of these that we know of, and they are mainly by-products of some of our bodily functions. The other important factor is their numbers, and that includes those produced though processes in our bodies.

If these Free Radicals, whether acquired from external factors or produced by the body, are in small numbers, a healthy body can easily eliminate them.  In large numbers, especially those acquired from external factors (bad air, bad food, bad water, etc), will pose a health danger to us.

Antioxidants To The Rescue

Antioxidants is nature's defence against Free Radicals, and that includes their effects on aging.

Ever felt a baby's bottom? It is as smooth as silk to touch. The baby's bottom hasn't been "over taken" by Free Radicals. As the baby grows, the bottom's smoothness, shall I say, "deteriorate" (?) with age - at the risk of sounding rude ... but that's the fact of life.

Now, the theory of antioxidant is that if we can fight off and/or neutralize the effects of Free Radicals, our bottoms can remain smooth like when we were a baby. And that goes the same for other parts of the body ... not necessarily just talking about smoothness, but to retain them in healthy conditions.

The million dollar question is how much antioxidants do we need?

We need as much as we need to counter the Free Radicals we expose our body to - not a helpful answer, but you get the idea?

The more unhealthy a lifestyle, the more Free Radicals the body is subjected to. Here are some examples:

  • bad food - chemical additives
  • bad drinking water
  • substance abuse - alcohol, illegal drugs, pharmaceutical drugs
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • (and of the other extreme fro sedentary) excessive exercise - yes, it leads to huge production of Free Radicals!

Antioxidants, The Anti-Aging Cure

Since aging is a result of degeneration of the cells - facial skin cells and every cell in the body- and degeneration is caused by Free Radicals, then antioxidant must be the answer! Makes sense?!

Why Is Hydrogen Anti-Aging?

The following are some extracts from "Hydrogen ... Longevity's Missing Link" by Patrick Flanagan, M.D. :

  • Human bodies stores hydrogen in its tissues.
  • Different organ tissues "pool" hydrogen in different amounts. Order of hydrogen-pooling :Liver -- > Intestine --> Kidney --> Heart --> Lung --> Spleen
  • As we age, cells become dehydrated and "hydrogen pool" becomes depleted of hydrogen. As we age, tissue hydrogen-depletion may lead to many of the symptoms of the aging process. This may cause subclinical dehydration since it appears that hydrogen may play a role in hydrating our cells.
  • Symptoms of hydrogen depletion may include chronic fatigue, depression, hormone imbalances and indigestion. 
  • As our tissues are depleted of hydrogen, they become stiff and lose flexibility. 
  • Dehydrated tendons and muscles tear more easily, and dehydrated bones become brittle. Loss of lung flexibility leads to loss of oxygen. 
  • By replenishing our hydrogen stores, we may be able to relieve many of these conditions if they are brought about by hydrogen depletion.
  • Hydrogen ensures cells remains hydrated. Hydrated cells allows the cells to perform cellular functions better - such as transportation of nutrients and elimination of toxins and waste.
  • Hydrogen as an antioxidant, protecting cells from free-radical damage. 

Naturally Plus Products Effects As
Anti-Aging Aid

Super Lutein and  Mirtoplus (both the vegetarian and the non vegetarian versions) rich in antioxidants, in particular carotenoids, and nutrients that may help to:

  • provide the body and cells with optimal health to prevent degenerative diseases.
  • provide the body and cells with optimal health to prevent mutation of cells, that can lead to cancer.
  • provide the body and cells with antioxidants and nutrients to heal if already diseased.

Izumio, with its hydrogen rich content, is the combatant antioxidant, may help by:

  •  tackling free radicals efficiently and effectively. Free Radicals being the cause of degenerative diseases.

Paramylon ARX, may help in the following ways:

  • contains probiotics that will help with intestines and colon health to enable better absorption of nutrients.
  • contains other nutrients to further nourish the cells to make cells healthy.

Purificar, aids digestion and the promotes a healthy digestive tract, which in turn promotes healthy cells, may help in the following way:

  • contains fiber. Fiber rich diet is known to help regulate blood glucose.
  • contains pre-biotics, to creating a healthy environment for pro-biotics to thrive, for healthy intestines and colon.
  • contains enzymes for a healthy digestion and hence, better absorption of nutrients, for healthier cells.
  • contains gum arabic to help move waste out of colon, for a healthier colon.

Stuff Naturally Plus, the industry and the law wants you to read ...

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