Eye Diseases and Eye Disorders Explained, Briefly

Ever Watched A Beautiful Sunrise? A Wondrous Sight!
What About A Beautiful Twilight? Another Wondrous Sight To Behold!

Our eyes allow us to enjoy these magical sights!

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to live in darkness ... that's what eye diseases can lead to.

Eye diseases can be caused by:

  • injury that led to infections and other disorders of the eyes
  • degeneration of the cells of different parts of the eyes

Unless it is a structural damage to the eyes, generally, these eye diseases and disorders can be treated, if given the correct treatment, or taking preventative measures such as wearing sunglasses when outside of the home or wearing safety glasses when carrying out work or chores that pose any risk injury to the eyes.

Causes of Blindness

If the eye sustained physical injury beyond repair, it will, sadly, lead to blindness, unless the damaged eye can be replaced by a donor's eye or a bionic eye. I am not sure if either surgical procedure or technology is available today.

Degeneration of the cells in parts of the eyes can also lead to blindness, depending on which part of the eyes are the resultant damages. In the case of degeneration, using nutrition and natural medicine have been known to cure eye diseases and in some cases, reverse blindness.

But the better way would, to me, be preventative measures!

4 Main Causes of Blindness

The views of their world, before blindness sets in:

What Causes Degenerative Diseases of the Eyes

1) Light, believe it or not, causes damages to the eyes, and that includes:

  • sunlight - both the heat from the sun's rays as well as the spectrum of the sunlight, in particular the UV and the blue light spectrum. In fact, the blue light spectrum is the most damaging of all the spectrum.
  • blue light - from sunlight, and artificial light such as computers, led light and fluorescent light
  • UV Light - from sunlight, and artificial light

2) Poor nutrition or, lack of nutrition that feeds the cells of the eyes. Just like all the other cells in the body, if the eye cells are nutritionally lacking, the quality of the cells will deteriorate over time.

Degenerative Eye Diseases

Astigmatism is caused by either, depending on whether the distorted vision is related to the cornea or the lens:

  • the cornea is of irregular shape - corneal astigmatism
  • the lens is of irregular shape - lenticular astigmatism

Within this, it is then categorized as:

  • regular astigmatism - where the irregularity is more "balanced"  - such as the cornea could be curved like an American foot ball (whereas if normal, it would be curved like a ball)
  • irregular astigmatism - where the irregularity could be a result of injury or eye surgery causing scarring on the cornea or causing the cornea/lens to be irregular in shape, or from thinning of the cornea, such as from keratoconus disease.

Where it is caused by diseases, leading to the distortion of the cornea or the lens, it could be due to degenerative diseases:

  • of the cornea itself
  • of the lens itself
  • of the muscles supporting the lens



Pingueculae are yellowish or whitish with yellow tint, growth on the sclera (outside covering of eye). They are a form of non-cancerous growth, but can cause vision issues if growth goes over the iris.

Caused by:

  • ultraviolet (UV) light - and that means everyone of us exposed to the sun are at risk.
  • frequent exposure to dust and wind
  • dry eye diseases

Generally, does not cause much discomfort, but can lead to pingueculitis, a state where it becomes swollen and/or inflammed. Pingueculitis usually occurs in cases when the eyes with pinguecula condition is exposed to extreme wind, sun and/or dust.

A good prevention will be to always wear sunglasses when out in the sun, and protective glasses in high winds and dust places.

Glaucoma has been called the "silent eye sight thief", simply because most of the cases of glaucoma has no significant symptom until it has deteriorated to a bad stage.

Glaucoma is caused by intraocular pressure of aqueous humos (the liquid that sits between the cornea and the iris). The pressure here is "transferred" to the optic nerve, at the back of the eye, as the virteuos body, that sits between the lens and the optic nerve, is being "squeezed" by the lens. This excessive pressure could damaged the optic nerve, leading to blindness.

What are some of the causes of this excessive build up aqueous humos?

  • the liquid is constantly being produced and drained from this eye area. If the drainage is too slow or the production is too excessive, then the liquid builds up causing the pressure to build up
  • some medication - such as steroids, including steroids prescribed after Lasik surgery
  • eye trauma
  • eye diseases that lead to this imbalance of production and drainage

Retinoblastoma is a form of cancer of the eye.

Cataract is called the "clouding" of the eyes, that's when the protein of the lens clumps together, forming an opaque film over the lens.

The "clumping" of this protein can begin:

  • from the center of the eyes and grow outwards
  • from the side of the lens and grow inwards
  • from the back of the lens - generally, patients with diabetes or people who takes huge amounts of steroids.

Macular Hole

Eye Macula

The macula is located in the center of the retina. The macula provides us the sharp, central vision we need for reading, driving, and seeing fine detail.

A macular hole can be caused by either:

  • when the vitreous shrinks (such as through degeneration) and pulls away from the retinal surface, and this pulling away effect can create a hole in the macula.


  • when the vitreous shrinks (such as through degeneration) and pulls away from the retinal surface, but the fibers attached to the vitreous remain attached to the retina/macula. As these fiber contract/shrink through time (and further degeneration), it can also tear a hole in the macula.



The cause is similar to the Macular Hole - caused by the tear away of the vitreous from the retina - but in the case of floaters, the gap created in the tear away is filled with liquid, and "debris" from the tear.

Infectious Eye Diseases


A viral or bacterial infection on the eye, and it is highly contagious.

Making sure to wash hands when in contact with an infected eye, helps to control transmitting it to another person.

Naturally Plus Products Effects on Eye Health

Super Lutein and  Mirtoplus (both the vegetarian and the non vegetarian versions) have antioxidants and nutrients that may help to:

  • provide the eyes with optimal health to keep the health of the eyes in check to prevent degenerative diseases.
  • provide the eyes with optimal health to prevent mutation of cells, that can lead to cancer.
  • provide the eyes with antioxidants and nutrients to heal if already diseased.
  • have very specific eyes antioxidants (lutein and zeazanthin), and nutrients (blue berry, bilberry, pycnogenol) for optimal eye health.
  • have both lutein and zeazanthin, as the eyes requires both antioxidant in a certain ratio, for optimal eye health.
  • have lutein and zeazanthin to filter blue light, the most damaging light spectrum for eyes.

Izumio, with its hydrogen rich contents, is the the combatant antioxidant, may help:

  • by tackling free radicals efficiently and effectively. Free Radicals being the cause of degenerative diseases
  • as it is known to control virus and hence, virus infection.
  • to control bacterial infection, by cleaning up the cell's environment, making it not conducive for bacterial growth.


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