Cancer Explained, Briefly

Cancer is caused by mutated cells, that continue to divide, as cells do, and thus, multiplying their numbers. What started off on a localized area, can spread to other parts of the body via "breakaway" cancer cells that "travels" using the blood stream or via the lymphatic system.

How far and how wide they travel determine the "Stage" of the disease, that is the more widespread it is, it will likely be in Stage 3 or Stage 4.

Starts with Mutation of Genes

Essentially, it is the mutation of the cells, that causes the cell to become cancerous. As we all know, cells divide to allow us to grow, and/or to replace the cells that has died - all these are part of the natural process that happen in our bodies.

Mutation begins at the genes level. Our genes, located in our DNA, gives "instructions" to the cells, on how to function. Thus, if there is a mutation of the genes, hence, the "instructions" given out by that mutated gene will cause the cell to behave "abnormally" - and the cell itself becomes a mutated cell.

Any part of a cell can mutate, depending on which part of the gene, or which gene, is mutated.

In a healthy body, "old" cells or the mutated cells are programmed to "die", in a natural process call apoptosis. The problem occurs when these mutated cells do not die, and they divide and multiply, leading to cancer.

So, how does this mutation happen?

What Causes Mutation of Cells

1) Environmental Factors, such as:

  • bad air (examples, smoking, industrial waste, nuclear waste, etc)
  • bad food (examples, chemical additives, pesticides used in farming, bad food and chemicals fed to farmed animals and farmed seafood, etc)
  • bad water (examples, chemical additives used in drinking water treatments, industrial waste in our drinking water source, etc)
  • emotional factors that lead to bad chemicals released by the body (examples, stress hormones, etc)

Why are environmental factors harmful? Because environmental factors creates Free Radicals that can attack the cells, and damage the cells, causing degeneration and mutation of the cells, that lead to diseases of the cells, including cancer.

2) Inherited "cancer" genes

However, now scientist believe that inheritance a cancer genes, may not necessarily lead to having cancer in one's lifetime. The belief is that this bad gene still need to be "switched on" for it to activate the chance of having cancer.

Healthy Body is A Good Defence

The first level of defense or prevention is to ensure that our body is a healthy state. As mostly, we can't control a lot of the environmental factors around us, not even smoke from tobacco even if you are a not smoker. Research has actually indicated that many of lung cancer patients are non-smoker, due to secondhand smoke.

According to some scientific research, with a healthy body, the genetic cancer "switch" may be prevented from being turned on. But there are still a lot of research going on around this as scientists are trying answer the questions as to why some individuals with cancer genes, do not end up getting cancer.

But a healthy body, in any case, allows you to have a good quality of life!

Naturally Plus Products Effects on Cancer

Super Lutein and  Mirtoplus (both the vegetarian and the non vegetarian versions) have antioxidants and nutrients that may help to:

  • provide the body and cells with optimal health to prevent degenerative diseases.
  • provide the body and cells with optimal health to prevent mutation of cells, that can lead to cancer.
  • provide the body and cells with antioxidants and nutrients to heal if already diseased.

Izumio, with its hydrogen rich content, is the combatant antioxidant, may help by:

  •  tackling free radicals efficiently and effectively. Free Radicals being the cause of degenerative diseases.

Paramylon ARX, may help in the following ways:

  • contains probiotics that will help with intestines and colon health to enable better absorption of nutrients.
  • contains other nutrients to further nourish the cells to make cells healthy.

Purificar, aids digestion and the promotes a healthy digestive tract, which in turn promotes healthy cells, may help in the following way:

  • contains fiber. Fiber rich diet is known to help regulate blood glucose.
  • contains pre-biotics, to creating a healthy environment for pro-biotics to thrive, for healthy intestines and colon.
  • contians enzymes for a healthy digestion and hence, better absorption of nutrients, for healthier cells.
  • contains gum arabic to help move waste out of colon, for a healthier colon.

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